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March 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-09, Day 4, Update 3

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Mar. 27, 1999; 11:50PM EST - DAY 4, UPDATE 3


  1. Phoenix:         Biggest Ever Anti-NATO Demonstrations Erupt Across the U.S. and  Overseas.


1. Biggest Ever Anti-NATO Demonstrations Erupt Across the U.S. and Overseas

PHOENIX, Mar. 27 - The biggest ever demonstrations against NATO's bombing of Serbia erupted today across the U.S. Some 8,000 people marched from New York's Grand Central Station along the partially closed Fifth Avenue to the Union Square, where speaker after speaker denounced this Clinton administration's crime against humanity.

Demonstrations were also held today in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Cleveland... to mention only some American cities.   Overseas,  thousands of protesters also shouted anti-NATO slogans in Stuttgart, Germany, and in front of the U.S. consulate in Sydney, Australia.

Some 500 to 600 demonstrators phx1.jpg (67116 bytes)vented their anger at Bill Clinton and the U.S. government in front of the Federal Building in downtown Phoenix this afternoon.  It was the largest turnout ever for this small Serbian-American community in the U.S. southwest, probably representing at least one person per each household.

The Truth in Media editor, Bob Djurdjevic, the only speaker at today's protest, told the crowd that Bill Clinton and his Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Albright, are the real war criminals who should be tried at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.  He also said that the Russian nationalist LDPR party has already signed up thousands of volunteers, from Moscow to Vladivostok, in just the first two days of its drive to help Serbia.

He also reminded the demonstrators that on this very day (March 27), 58 years ago, the Serbs demonstrators in Belgrade said "no" to Hitler.   Whereupon, Winston Churchill remarked that, "Yugoslavia had found its soul."

"So it is profoundly ironic that we should be demonstrating today against the new Hitlers of the New World Order, like Bill Clinton," Djurdjevic said.   Crews from several Phoenix TV stations recorded the event.

phx2.jpg (93827 bytes)Djurdjevic's speech was frequently interrupted by enthusiastic demonstrators who shouted the slogans, such as "Drop Clinton, Not Bombs;" "Better Grave Than Slave" (also a slogan from the Mar. 27, 1941 demonstrations in Belgrade - see the photos), and others.  Many of the Phoenix car and bus drivers, who happened to drive by the Federal Building this afternoon, also sounded their horns in support of the demonstrators.

The atmosphere was electric, at times resembling the noise at a world cup soccer match.  But unlike some other demonstrations, such as that in Toronto two days ago (see our recent report about that), there was no violence.  The Phoenix police and the FBI kept their watch, but they also kept  their distance from the demonstrators. 

In fact, as the TiM editor was leaving the scene, one of the Phoenix policemen warmly shook his hand, implying his personal support for the anti-NATO message which the protest had delivered.


P.S. Some other photos from today's Phoenix protest are available below...

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