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March 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-07, Day 4, Update 1

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Mar. 27, 1999; 4:00AM EST - DAY 4, UPDATE 1


  1. Paris:              Anti-NATO Protesters Arrested in France
  2. Toronto:         Sloppy, Sloppy.. Another U.S./NATO Lie Exposed


1. Anti-NATO Raids Protesters Arrested in France

PARIS, Mar. 26 - Once upon a time, France was a bastion of freedom, and a nation which gave us the Miss Liberty as its salute to the American Revolution. Today, the Chirac-cum-Vichy New World Order France seems to be once again falling back to her old imperial ways, which had caused its own revolution in 1789.

What follows is a translation of a report which we've just received from a French TiM reader in Paris:

"We tried today to organize a demonstration in Paris, in front of Quai d'Orsay, the French Foreign Ministry. We planned it for noon today (Thursday). But, soon enough, we received word via the TV that the French government had banned such a demonstration.

Still, those of us who have been demonstrating since 1991, and know each other by sight, came anyway, despite the ban. I would say, there were about 200 of us. Since that was such a small number, we didn't even bother to demonstrate. Nevertheless, the police arrested us, and threw us into three buses.

We were taken to a police building in the 14th district, where we were interrogate. The whole ordeal lasted about three hours. And we spent most of that time in a police van, jammed in like sardines.

I have to note at this point that there were many Frenchmen among us, who came to give the Serbs their spontaneous support. All of them were SHOCKED by the fact that we were all arrested,

In the end, a French academic also showed up at the police HQ to give us his support.


2. Sloppy, Sloppy... Another U.S./NATO Lie Exposed by Their Own Photo

TORONTO, Mar. 26 - NATO today released the picture of, what they said was a Yugoslav MIG 29 shot down over Bosnia

As you can see in this picture (check with TiM if you want to have it uploaded), the remains of the airplane shown on Canadian CTV, bear LATIN and ENGLISH words


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No doubt, the Russian made MIG-29 would have had the Russian (or maybe Serbian) words, certainly written in CYRILIC alphabet, not in English or Latin alphabet?, our Canadian correspondent wondered.

Indeed. So as we had suggested earlier on in our Special Bulletins, whenever you hear of a NATO claim that it had shot down a Serbian plane, figure that one of our sons or daughters may have just gone to heaven.

Which is not only a tragedy. It is a travesty of justice.

Drop Clinton, not bombs!

Bob Dj.

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