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May 7, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-69, Day 45

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May 7, 1999; 1:30AM EDT - DAY 45


Bonn                       1. Predictably, Yeltsin-Chernomyrdin Stab Serbs in the Back

New York              2. "Mad Cow" Disease Is Spreading... from America to Britain

Bonn                       3. Leaked German Government Documents Show There Was No

                                   Extensive Serb Persecution of Albanians Prior to NATO's Bombing

Budapest                4. A Protest Letter from Hungary: No Solutions Through NATO's War


1. Predictably, Yeltsin-Chernomyrdin Stab Serbs in the Back

BONN, May 6 - Predictably, the New World Order quisling, Boris Yeltsin, and his "designated hitter" for the Balkans, Victor Chernomyrdin, have stabbed the Serbs in the back today. As some leaders of the so-called G-8 countries (all NATO, except for Russia and Japan) proclaimed a "breakthrough" in supposedly arriving at a common position with respect to their "solution" to NATO's war on Serbia, the only thing the Serbs have to look forward to is more NATO bombs; this time with Russia's tacit acquiescence. Save for a Yeltsin government's overthrow.

Sadly, no surprise there. The same "Russia" (meaning the NWO quisling Yeltsin government) also back-stabbed the Serbs in Bosnia. Anybody still remember that sly and wily Vitaly Churkin - Yeltsin's "Bosnia Chernomyrdin? (This writer met the SOB on one of his trips to Bosnia during that civil war. Churkin's "NWO liberal" stench filled the room, so the meeting was short and sweet, as TiM editor walked out).

Or does anyone still remember Churkin's boss, Andrei Kozyrev, Russia's former foreign minister, who probably still holds the world record in kissing the NWO posteriors in New York and Washington? Or how that very same Chernomyrdin, who has now sold the Serbs down the river, also betrayed Russia in the Chechnya conflict interests when he was Yeltsin's prime minister?

We said "predictably," because we anticipated this outcome of Chernomyrdin's "peace mission," meaning meddling on behalf of the NWO. Here is an excerpt from the Special TiM GW Bulletin S99-62, Day 40, Update 1, Item 2, May 2):

"As for the Serbs, both Washington and Brussels have now made it abundantly clear that this WAR IS ABOUT KILLING AND ENSLAVING THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CIVILIANS. Period. So the Serb leaders had better take that into account before making any more 'goodwill gestures' to NATO's bloodthirsty mass murderers (such as the release of the three American POWs).

And the Serbs should adopt the same attitude with regard to Victor Chernomyrdin. He is a Boris Yeltsin NWO retread who gave up Chechnya to the Muslim rebels, and whom the Russian president has now thrown into the Yugoslav cauldron to see if he could pull the wool over the Serb eyes, too.

The Serbs only need to ask themselves the following question, before sending Chernomyrdin packing all the way back to his NWO quisling boss in Moscow: 'Can any friend of Al Gore's be a friend of Serbia'?"

Well, we have not heard as yet what Belgrade's official reaction is to today's developments. But this is what the G-8 leaders supposedly agreed is the "solution" for the Kosovo crisis. Here's an excerpt from a statement which they issued today:


1. Withdrawal from Kosovo of Yugoslav military, police and paramilitary forces;

1.1 Deployment in Kosovo of effective international civil and security presences, endorsed and adopted by the United Nations, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of the common objectives;

1.2 Establishment of an interim administration for Kosovo to be decided by the Security Council of the United Nations to ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all inhabitants in Kosovo;

1.3 The safe and free return of all refugees and displaced persons and an unimpeded access to Kosovo by humanitarian aid organizations;

1.4 A political process towards the establishment of an interim political framework agreement providing for a substantial self-government for Kosovo, taking full account of the Rambouillet accords and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other countries of the region, and the demilitarization of the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army);

1.5 Comprehensive approach to the economic development and stabilization of the crisis region.

2. In order to implement these principles the G-8 foreign ministers instructed their political directors to prepare elements of a United Nations Security Council resolution.

3. The political directors will draw up a road map on future concrete steps towards a political solution to the Kosovo crisis.

4. The G-8 presidency will inform the Chinese government on the results of today's meeting. [emphasis addded by TiM].

5. Foreign Ministers will reconvene in due time to review the progress which has been achieved up to that point.


TiM Ed.: Have you caught your breath yet? In other words, all those 1,200 Serb civilians and an unspecified number of Yugoslav Army casualties have died in vain. All those 5,000 Serb civilians, many of whom have been crippled for life by NATO, won't even get an apology from the would-be world masters. All of them, plus 10 million other Yugoslavs will still get the New World Order government installed, and will eventually lose Kosovo, just as intended by the Rambouillet Agreement which the Yugoslav government refused to sign.

It does make one wonder why the NATO/NWO leaders went through all this long song and dance only to end up at the same dead end spot from which they started? The only new news in all of this is that "Russia" is now also standing squarely with the mass murderers of the New World Order. So much for the "traditional Russian-Serbian friendship" which the NWO media keep trumpeting at every chance they get (more on that in an upcoming editorial comment which will put the current situation in a historical context).

Of course, there are some carrot bits which the "omnipotent" G-8 leaders threw the Belgrade way. Such as the fact that the statement issued today by the Western allies and Russia did not specifically mention NATO as the basis of the international force, something Washington had insisted on in the past. It also proposed a broad role for the United Nations in designing a Kosovo settlement, something Russia and Yugoslavia have supported.

To which the Serbs, and the 25 other ethnic groups who live in Yugoslavia, Europe's most multi-cultural country even after the break up of the communist Yugoslavia, should say: Bull! All these civilians should listen to the NWO sweet talk, such as the above. And then they should listen to the sounds of NATO jets over their heads, and bomb explosions around them, as they have been for the last 45 days.  If they live to see the next sunrise, they should look in the morning at the latest examples of NATO's death and destruction which these "omnipotent" mass NWO murderers have been hurling upon their country. 

Such as the "chemical attack" about which we have just received a report from Belgrade. Or today's daytime bombing of Novi Sad (again!), Serbia's second largest city and the most multicultural urban center in the country. Today's bombing caused extensive damage to apartment blocks in Janka Cmelika Street, to the elementary school 'Toza Markovic,' smashed parked vehicles, and uprooted trees in a residential neighborhood, according to TiM correspondent's reports.  The Yugoslav civilians should consider all that and then decide if they can believe the NWO sweet talk.

At a news conference following the Bonn meetins, the U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright said, "This meeting has been a step forward." She said that Russia now accepts all five NATO principles for a solution to the conflict: an end to violence in Kosovo, a withdrawal of Serb forces from the southern Serbian province, the return of Kosovo refugees, the introduction of an international security force and a political settlement.

That may be a step forward for the NWO, but it is a step back for the Serbs.   Especially considering what Albright said next - that the Kosovo security force "will have NATO at its core." And that Russia will be "part of it."

Maybe. But only over dead bodies of the Serbs who will protect Kosovo from any ground assault by NATO, no matter what crooked schemes the short-sighted Russian officials cook up with their NWO masters.

As a senior Russian diplomat told this writer during TiM editor's recent European trip, "Moscow is now being defended in Belgrade, not the other way around. Most Russians are ashamed to admit that. But it is a fact."


2. "Mad Cow" Disease Is Spreading... from America to Britain

NEW YORK, May 6 - The "mad cow" disease seems to be spreading. Only this time from America to Great Britain.

When Madeleine Albright, Washington's "secretary of hate," visited Vukovar in March 1996 (an Eastern Slavonian town ravaged by the Yugoslav civil war in 1991), her entourage was pelted with stones as she was called the "mad cow" (see "Albright Stoned, Story Stonewalled").   "Madlenka," the Serb version of her name, beat a hasty retreat from Vukovar.

Well, "Madlenka" has got some company now, as the "mad cow" disease seems to be spreading from west to east. In a Wall Street Journal OpEd piece today, "Lady Thatcher," a commoner-come-"mad cow"-of-the NWO, now with a royal title "Baroness" to boot, said that she also visited Vukovar, "last September" (1998). More importantly, Thatcher urged a total annihilation of the Serbs in her article.

"The goal of war is victory," the erstwhile "Iron Maiden," boasted, despite being covered in rust, just as the Soviet-era statues. "We always regret the loss of lives. But we should have no doubt..." We are sure that you can fill in the blanks, based on NATO's or Washington's expressions of sympathy for the unfortunate victims of Milosevic's alleged "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo.

Which begs a question. Do two "mad cows" make a (NATO) bull? If not, their utterances certainly add up to a lot of bull.


3. Leaked German Government Documents Show There Was No Extensive Serb Persecution of Albanians Prior to NATO's Bombing

BONN, Apr. 30 - Leaked documents from the German government reveal that there was no extensive persecution of the Kosovo Albanians prior to the start of NATO's bombing on Serbia. It is not the "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" that accelerated after the bombing; neither simply had existed prior to the bombing, these reports show. The documents point out that the Serbian forces were fighting the KLA, not Albanians in general.

Excerpts from the these official documents were obtained by IALANA (International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms) which sent them to various media. The texts used here were published in the German daily Junge Welt on April 24, 1999. (See as well as the commentary at


TiM Ed.: Surprise, surprise... Only for the uninitiated.


4. A Protest Letter from Hungary: No Solutions Through NATO's War

BUDAPEST, May 5 - We received the following translation from a statement issued by a group of Hungarians:

"The majority of the Hungarian society refuses the solution of the Balkan conflict through war. Therefore, we call to the organization of a social movement, all those who are willing to lend personal support to our statement: we do not want further bloodshed!

1. We call upon the Government of the US to abide by the rules of international law, and we call upon the NATO Governments - including the Hungarian Government - to start immediately procedures for the peaceful solution to the conflict, with the participation of the UN and the European Security Conference.

2. Bombing should be immediately stopped in order that negotiations can start as soon as possible.

3. The Hungarian Government should live fully with its rights that were conferred upon it by the membership in NATO: that is the right to veto and the right to constructive abstention. Besides declaring things, the Government should exert pressures on its allies so that the conflict does not spread to Hungary or the neighboring countries.

4. We express our solidarity with all the innocent victims of war, with the Albanians chased away from their homeland, with the Hungarians from Vojvodina, and with the Serbian people who were swept into this conflict by political power interests.

5. We condemn ethnic cleansing and every form of racism.

6. We expect from NATO that in the defense of humanitarian rights, it does not harm the human rights of others, it does not endanger the life and property of the innocent population of the region. This call and the movement that it starts may be joined by anyone, who in the spirit of European and Hungarian humanist traditions, refuses to accept the settlement of conflicts through military means. We expect civil and public organizations to join, the trade unions, churches, peace-, green- and women organizations, the youth and pensioner's organizations and we expect these to take local initiatives. We call upon everyone to join us in the Peace March that is to be organized jointly with the trade unions on May 9. The war has already started. Its proliferation may only be stopped by the widest social co- operation and civil solidarity.

Speakers: Szalai Erzsébet, Csapody Tamás, Krausz Tamás, Vadász János, Szász Gábor, Lévai Katalin, Szőke Károly, Sándor Anna, Forgács István

Signatures: Dányi Endre, Deák Katalin, Gergely András, Szirmai Viktória, Jemnitz János, Pilling János, Gulyás Anna, Galló Béla, Lajtavári Zita, Sziopisz Petrosz, Gombai Gáborné, Fábián Józsefné, Kemilovics László, Szöllősi Istvánné, Pető Kálmán, Fehér József, Tóth György, Berta István, Szlamkó Erzsébet, Boros Péterné, Várfalvi Attila, Bányász Rezső, Lévai Katalin, Fokasz Nikosz, Bányász Rezsőné, Miklósfalvi Mária, Hámor Szilvia, Forgács Iván, Tsounis Panagiotis, Pataki Mihály, Széchy András, György Károly, Kaposvári Anikó, Konrád György, Popovics György, Zágoni Miklós, Petschnig Mária Zita, , Donáth László, Schalkhammer Antal, Iványi Gábor, Kósáné Kovács Magda, Lux Judit, Thoma László, zalai József, Bujdosó Dezső, Vit László, Sándor Anna, Vári Anna."

May 2, 1999.

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