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May 2, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-62, Day 40

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May 2, 1999; 2:30PM EDT - DAY 40


Pristina                  1. NATO Bombs a Bus, Dozens of Civilians, Many Children Die

Ramstein               2. Washington Discounts Belgrade's Goodwill Gesture,

                                  Vows to Intensify Bombing Despite Release of Three POWs

Washington           3. Seventeen Congressmen Sue Clinton Over His Illegal War on Serbia

Washington           4. House Votes 427-2 Against Declaration of War

Washington           5. A Washington Times Article, Photo


1. NATO Bombs a Bus, Dozens of Civilians, Many Children Die

BELGRADE, May 1 - A NATO missile struck a civilian bus on Saturday (May 1) on a bridge 12 miles north of Kosovo's capital, Pristina, killing several dozen people, including many children. A rescue worker on the scene, who refused to give his name, claimed he had counted 39 bodies, the Associated Press reported. TiM's other sources in Serbia said the bus had over 60 passengers on board when it was bombed.

"I was in my garden working when I heard the sound of a plane flying," Rajko Maksic, a Serb farmer, told the Associated Press. "I turned towards the sound. I saw a bus on the road and suddenly it exploded. I heard screams and I came to look."

The attack occurred in the village of Luzane at about 1 p.m. local time, cutting the vehicle in two and sending part of it plunging off the bridge, which was damaged but not destroyed. About an hour later, the bridge came under attack again. An emergency services doctor was injured, the Tanjug news wire said.

Independent journalists on the scene saw about 15 bodies trapped in the charred remnants of the part of the bus which fell off the bridge. Most have been burned beyond recognition and were horribly mangled from the blast. The portion of the bus that remained on the bridge was still burning more than an hour after the attack.


TiM Ed.: Another mass murder of civilians; another charge for the NATO war crimes file. In this case, add PREMEDITATED to the mass murder count, considering NATO's second bombing, an hour later, while the bus was still burning on the bridge.


2. Washington Discounts Belgrade's Goodwill Gesture, Vows to Intensify Bombing Despite Release of Three POWs

RAMSTEIN, May 2 - Brushing aside the pleas from Jesse Jackson, and some Republican leaders for a pause in the bombing of Serbia, in the wake of Belgrade's goodwill gesture - the release of the three American POWs - the U.S. Secretary of Defense vowed that, "we are not only not going to stop bombing - we're going to intensify the bombing." Cohen made this remark on NBC's "Meet the Press" program.


TiM Ed.: Anyone still unconvinced that we're dealing with certifiable lunatics here?


Meanwhile, Jackson, who accompanied the three U.S. soldiers on their flight to the U.S. air base at Ramstein, Germany, urged a pause in air strikes in favor of further diplomacy. "That would be a courteous response to freeing the prisoners of war," Jackson said, according to a May 2 Bloomberg news wire report.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, echoed Jackson's sentiments. Lott said that NATO "should seize the moment."


TiM Ed.: It should, of course. As it should have long ago, if the NATO leaders had an iota of compassion or common sense. With this kind of a response to Belgrade's goodwill gesture, Bill Clinton and all other NATO leaders have just proven to the world that they are only after blood and power. Until the last surviving Serb is in a prone position, bowing to the Evil Empire's New World Order. Which will never happen.

So a reasonable response by intelligent Americans ought be to find out where the nearest nuclear shelter is.

As for the Serbs, both Washington and Brussels have now made it abundantly clear that this WAR IS ABOUT KILLING AND ENSLAVING THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CIVILIANS. Period. So the Serb leaders had better take that into account before making any more "goodwill gestures" to NATO's bloodthirsty mass murderers.

And the Serbs should adopt the same attitude with regard to Victor Chernomyrdin. He is a Boris Yeltsin NWO retread who gave up Chechnya to the Muslim rebels, and whom the Russian president has now thrown into the Yugoslav cauldron to see if he could pull the wool over the Serb eyes, too.

The Serbs only need to ask themselves the following question, before sending Chernomyrdin packing all the way back to his NWO quisling boss in Moscow: "Can any friend of Al Gore's be a friend of Serbia?"


3. Seventeen Congressmen Sue Clinton Over His Illegal War on Serbia

WASHINGTON, May 2 - As you saw from TiM editor's Washington speech delivered on Saturday (see S99-60, Day 39, Update 1, May. 1), a bipartisan group of 17 Members of Congress, filed a lawsuit on Friday (Apr. 30) in federal court against President Bill Clinton for violating both the US Constitution and the 1973 War Powers Resolution with regard to his illegal and undeclared war on Yugoslavia.

Ron Paul, a Republican congressman from Surfside, Texas, has led Congress in its opposition to the unconstitutional military action by the Clinton administration, introducing the first legislation to stop the NATO aggression, and speaking against it last year.

"This president has violated the law and he must be taken to task," said Rep. Paul. "It is a shame that Congress has not done more to stop the president from this destructive course. So it is therefore incumbent upon us to resort to the courts to force Mr. Clinton to follow his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States."

The lawsuit specifically states that the president violated Section 1, Article 8, Clause 11, of the U.S. Constitution by engaging in war without a declaration of war by Congress. The lawsuit also notes that the president violated the 1973 War Powers Resolution for failing to officially report to Congress about his attack on Yugoslavia within the mandated forty-eight hours.

Joining Rep. Paul in the lawsuit were Tom Campbell (R, CA), Dennis Kucinich (D, OH), Marcy Kaptur (D, OH), Roscoe Bartlett (R, MD), Bob Barr (R, GA), Dan Burton (R, IN), Philip Crane (R, IL), John Cooksey (R, LA), Walter Jones (R, NC), Donald Manzullo (R, IL), Charlie Norwood (R, GA), Thomas Petri (R, WI), Marshall Sanford (R, SC), Joe Scarborough (R, FL), Bob Schaffer (R, CO), Thomas Tancredo (R, CO).

Members of Congress have a legal standing in the lawsuit since the president's actions usurped Congress' constitutional and legal rights to declare war and provide oversight.

TiM Ed.: TiM readers wishing to call their Congress Reps and urge then to support this action of the 17 brave and honorable Congressmen, can do so via the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Or by calling their Representatives' local offices.


4. House Votes 427-2 Against Declaration of War

WASHINGTON, May 2 - Any members of the U.S. armed forces still taking part in Bill Clinton's illegal war on Serbia had better start thinking about hiring himself a good lawyer for an upcoming war crimes trial. If that message had not sunk in as yet to many U.S. pilots and other troops already involved in NATO's attack on Serbia, we hope it does now that the House has voted 427-2 AGAINST the declaration of war on Yugoslavia.

In addition, by a vote of 249-180, the House blocked Clinton from using the U.S. ground troops in Serbia. And the Reps also denied the President their support for his air campaign, by a tie 213-213 vote. By contrast, similar votes at the start of the Vietnam war were 430-5 in favor of the war, a TiM correspondent pointed out.

Trying to minimize the damage, the White House Thursday assailed the House of Representatives for refusing to back air strikes. Members of the House "seem to take all sides of the issue without taking responsibility for promoting one policy," White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart said, according to the Washington Times.

Meanwhile, the House Appropriations Committee, seeking to boost military preparedness, approved an emergency spending plan of $12.9 billion - twice what Mr. Clinton sought to cover his war on Serbia.

The panel approved without substantial revision a package to help fund the war against Serbia, beef up U.S. forces in Europe and give all U.S. troops a pay and pension increase.


TiM Ed.: Isn't that typical of the godless New World Order stooges? First, send the American troops into an illegal and undeclared war, then give them a raise to muffle their conscience. How much per head of innocent Serb and Albanian civilians killed does that raise amount to?

By the way, the high water mark so far in NWO's rewards for crimes against civilians has been set by NWO's support of China. Since the Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators, the communist butchers in China have received more than $220 billion in direct investments from western multinationals, by far more than any other developing country in the world. That's about $5.5 million per head of each Chinese civilian killed on June 4, 1989.

Looks like the congressional panel which proposed the latest bribe to the U.S. military still has ways to go before matching the NWO travesty of Tiananmen Square.


Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee canceled an afternoon markup of a resolution authored by Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, that would authorize the use of all "appropriate force" in the war against Serbia. Under the War Powers Act. The committee has until Monday to consider McCain's resolution or the measure will be taken directly to the Senate floor for a vote.

"I'm working with the minority leader, Senator McCain, and others to reach an agreement," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, said from the Senate floor.

"If there is a clear message" in the votes "someone needs to explain it to me, and to speak very slowly and to use small words, because I don't get it," Mr. Lockhart said. "The only thing they did agree on" is that "they want to spend a lot more money than what the Defense Department has proposed to pay for a policy that they seem so confused about."


5. A Washington Times Article, Photo

WASHINGTON, May 2 - The following is an excerptdcwt5-02.jpg (81042 bytes) from an article about the "March on Washington '99" which appeared in today's Washington Times, along with a photo of TiM editor saluting the American patriots gathered at the White House on Saturday afternoon

"We have a monarch in the White House, and he's sending our kids overseas," said Pat Cooksey, founder of True Blue Patriots - one of several conservative organizations that held the "March on Washington '99."

Ms. Cooksey said the conflict in Yugoslavia is reminiscent of the Vietnam War. "We had this sinking feeling then that something wasn't right, but we didn't know what. I have that same gut feeling now, and we aren't getting any answers," Ms. Cooksey said.

Bob Djurdjevic of Truth in Media in Arizona, agreed as he stood on the Ellipse by the White House, where tourists lined up to visit. "Less than two weeks ago, I traveled to Serbia. where I spent five days under NATO's bombardment. What I saw was wanton and senseless devastation. This is a war against civilians," he said.

Others spoke of the threats to U.S. security by the transfer of technology to China, and its campaign contributions to the Clinton administration. "It is time to hold Bill Clinton accountable for the acts of treason he has done with the China government, said Garland Favorito of Citizens for an Honest Government."

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