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March 26, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-06, Day 3, Update 2

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Mar. 26, 1999; 9:00PM EST - DAY 3, UPDATE 2


  1. Belgrade:      Residential Areas of Belgrade Hit Tonight
  2. Belgrade:      An F-117 Downed Over Mount Fruska Gora
  3. Serbia:           Morale High in Yugoslav Army
  4. Belgrade:       Is NATO Getting Desperate?
  5. Moscow:        Russian Warships on the Move to Adriatic Sea
  6. Belgrade:       Serbian Soccer Stars Score on Penalty Kick against NATO
  7. Mecca:           Muslim World League Applauds NATO Strikes


1. Residential Areas of Belgrade Hit Tonight

BELGRADE, Mar. 26 - We bring you first a dramatic report from the ground in Belgrade:

"Urban residential area of Belgrade is just being hit by the NORTH ATLANTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION," read the first line of an emotional e-mail message which we've just received from a Belgrade resident. "Big fires raising up are clearly visible against the night sky! I live in Sumice and I can see Banjica burning! Bastards have saved residential area of BELGRADE for last to set an example! "

"We knew this was going to be toughest night of the air strikes and DIRTIEST! Personally counted over 50 strong detonations. Cruise missiles mostly. Their paths were clearly visible in the dark. Apart from hits on vacant military barracks, a number of civilian buildings are being hit.

CHEMICAL ALERT HAS JUST BEEN GIVEN! Chemical Industries Galenika, Grmec in Novi Beograd, Zarkovo and Prva Iskra, Baric - are being hit according to first reports - CHEMICAL LEAK HAZARD - POSSIBLE CATASTROPHE ON THE WAY! DIRECTION OF WIND CRUCIAL! Just learned this could be due to ROCKET FUEL DEPO in Sremcica set ablaze! Instructions given to population to take precautionary measures against chemical accident. A lot of people in different parts of town - including myself - have started to feel sore-itchy throat already. Windows are closed and wet towels are at hand!

Areas most seriously hit according to Belgrade Civil Defence HQ GALENIKA, NOVI BEOGRAD, BANJICA, SREMCICA, RESNIK, LIPOVICA, ZUZE, BUBANJ POTOK, AVALA, BATAJNICA (again and again!), ZARKOVO, JAKOVO…


Wish us luck!"

And so ended the message... but not the death and destruction in the Serbian capital.


2. An F-117 Downed Over Fruska Gora

BELGRADE, Mar. 26 - Several Serbian INDEPENDENT radio stations have now confirmed the downing of at least one NATO F-117 warplane today over Mount Fruska Gora, just south of Novi Sad, across the river Danube.

Earlier in the day, we reported that, according to the Serbian sources, two NATO planes were shot down over Mount Fruska Gora and another over Kosovo. NATO, of course, continues to deny that it has suffered any losses.

Is that why Washington's "Lie and Deny" factory produced a claim today of shooting down two "Yugoslav" MiGs over Bosnia, near Bijeljina, less than 50 miles from Mount Fruska Gora? Could it be that that's where the other NATO plane crashed?

And no sooner did we PREDICT (in the last Bulletin) that Washington would produce a "Serb atrocity" story to cover up its own crimes against humanity - voila! They did it, according to CNN, which has now totally switched from covering the humanitarian disaster in Belgrade, to alleged "Serb atrocities" in Kosovo.

But wait, haven't "they" forgotten that "they" no longer have any eyes and ears on the ground in Kosovo who can lie for them, as William Walker did in case of the Racak "massacre?" Or who can spy for them, as the OSCE monitors did, mentioned in our earlier dispatch? So the only people who may believe such claims, which CANNOT be independently verified, are the brain-dead Americans.

So, it is beginning to look as if anyone trying to get to the truth about what's really happening, should listen carefully to what Washington and NATO officials are saying, and then assume the exact opposite. Like, "peacekeepers" = "warmongers." Or "our planes lost" = "enemy planes shot down."

I'm telling you, it's the Big Brother stuff all over again. George Orwell would be having a ball, if he were alive today... As would Signor Machiavelli.


3. Morale High in Yugoslav Army

SOMEWHERE IN SERBIA, Mar. 26 - Throughout the day, NATO officials kept expressing their bewilderment with the Serbs' "playing possum" tactics (see TiM's last night's commentary). Namely that the Serbs have used so far only their conventional anti-aircraft artillery, rather than the sophisticated ground-to-air missiles. Some of these NATO armchair bombardiers have even suggested that that's perhaps because the Yugoslav Army was scared of NATO's air power.

That's hogwash of the kind that must have prevailed in Hitler's war room, when the Nazi generals rejoiced over their "successful" bombing of Belgrade on April 6, 1941. And now, here is just one small example of the kind of reception which the NATO bombers can expect when they start flying at lower altitudes, after their cowardly high-level and missile attacks which killed hundreds of Serb civilians.

The following message comes from an active duty member of the Yugoslav Army's air defense system, addressed to Serbs everywhere around the world. We will not, of course, identify the location of the correspondent. So "Somewhere in Serbia" will have to do as the byline to this message

"I am with you till I die! I am waiting for the NATO shitheads to come down to earth. Then their ass will be either mine or God's."

Does that sound to you as something that people who are scared of NATO would say?


4. Is NATO Getting Desperate?

BELGRADE, Mar. 26 - "It is obvious that they hit us tonight in retaliation for their downed $200 million jets," said another civilian TiM source from Belgrade. "That's why they hit the civilians, the pharmaceutical factories, private gas stations (in Djakovica, for example), and all sorts of targets which would cause mass destruction of the citizens. Not a single tear of a single Serbian child which tonight suffocated in the poisonous vapors (caused by this NATO bombing) isn't worth their entire rotten empire."


5. Russian Warships on the Move to Adriatic Sea

MOSCOW, Mar. 26 - Several modern Russian warships, a part of its Black Sea fleet, have left port and are sailing into the Adriatic, for "exercises".

At the same time, the Russian General Staff announced that the western claim of an alleged destruction of Yugoslavia's air defenses was a fairy tale. Yugoslavia has mobile systems (RLS?) that are changing their locations at all times. Spy satellites cannot detect them. The location of those mobile RLSs used to be determined not by satellites, but by human spies, who have now been mostly kicked out of Serbia.

Most of Yugoslavia's most valuable military assets are in the underground bunkers, which can only be penetrated by major nuclear strikes, the Serbian military experts explained before the NATO bombing started.

During a press conference today, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that NATO aggression against Yugoslavia was "a crime against humanity." He added that those guilty of it would be tried by a special war crimes tribunal.

Another thing we haven't heard from Washington or Brussels, have we?


6. Serbian Soccer Stars Score on a Penalty Kick against NATO

BELGRADE, Mar. 25 - Yugoslavia's world renowned soccer stars, Dragan Stojkovic of the Japanese team, Nagoya, Dejan Savicevic of a Belgrade world champion club, and Predrag Mijatovic of Spain's Real Madrid, have called on all Serbian foreign-based players and coaches to boycott their teams because of the NATO air strikes against Serbia, the Agence France Presse reported.

So no free kicks for NATO soccer associations this time. More like a penalty kick against them.


7. Muslim World League Applauds NATO Strikes

MECCA, Saudi Arabia, Mar. 25 - The Saudi-based Muslim World League called on Thursday for a "continuation of the international punitive actions against the Serbs, and their leaders acquiesce to the legitimate demands of the Muslim people of Kosovo," according to a Bloomberg news wire report.

So there you have it, right from the (Arab) horses mouth. If you had any doubts as to who these "Kosovars" are (a term invented by the NWO to mask the real agenda of the Kosovo Albanians), the Muslim World League has now made it quite plain. They are the Muslims trying to grab away a territory which has been the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Christianity for a thousand years or more.

Anyone in Israel listening? And those are the kind of people Israel wants to be associated with, through its alliance with Turkey, a NATO country?

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