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April 27, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-57, Day 35

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Apr. 27, 1999; 0:10AM EDT - DAY 35


London                      1. A Secret Dirty Little War Behind the Lines in Kosovo

Podgorica                  2. Montenegro's Djukanovic, Being Squeezed by

                                      Milosevic, Plays His Separatist Card

Washington               3. Oops... Clinton Forgets His Nuclear Suitcase, Goes Golfing

New Zealand            4. DOJ Files Antitrust Charges Against NATO

                                     (That'll Be the Day... J )

Washington               5. Buchanan Cleans Lieberman's Clock in TV Debate

Phoenix                     6. March on Washington '99 May 1: List of Speakers


1. A Secret Dirty Little War Behind the Lines in Kosovo

LONDON, Apr. 21 - While the media attention is focused NATO's bombing of Serbian cities, there is a secret dirty little war going on already on the ground in Kosovo, says Ian Bruce, a reporter for the Herald, a British newspaper. And no NATO leader is fessing up about it publicly.

Bruce says that "the special forces of at least four NATO nations" (U.S., Britain, France and Norway) are engaged "in an increasingly desperate search for the Serb tanks and armored personnel carriers, concealed throughout Kosovo" from bunkers to farmer's sheds.

Each national contingent is understood to have been given a "box" of territory for surveillance inside Kosovo. The boxes correspond to sectors allocated each day to "packages" of strike and electronic suppression aircraft flying from NATO's Italian mainland bases in the hunt for Serb ground units.

Britain's SAS has been there for some time, with at least one 72-man "sabre squadron" split into four-man teams. Their task is as much political as military. NATO's civilian warlords need fast results and body count statistics to maintain public support.

The US Delta Force is the other component of the special forces set-up. Their main command center is in Tuzla in eastern Bosnia, but detachments have deployed forward to Albania, where they are understood to be training Kosovo Liberation Army recruits.

Norwegians are in action for the first time since the Second World War in a similar role. Oslo quietly committed an 85-strong detachment of mountain warfare commandos who are now based in Macedonia between forays into enemy territory.

The French have at least three groups operating behind the lines. Despite Paris's public reluctance to become involved in the bombing campaign, it was swift to send detachments of the 13th Airborne Dragoon Regiment, a formation working directly for the DRM, France's shadowy military intelligence organization.

In reserve is Commando Hubert, the 60-man hit squad recruited from the Nageurs de Combat, the French Navy's Special Boat Squadron. Operatives from Commando Hubert ruthlessly sank the Greenpeace ship, "Rainbow Warrior," in Auckland harbor in New Zealand when the protesters began to interfere with nuclear tests in the Pacific.

For a full report, check out:


TiM Ed.: And NATO's leaders have the nerve to tell the western public with straight faces that they are not contemplating a ground war, while already engaged in a clandestine one behind the Serb lines?


2. Montenegro's Djukanovic, Being Squeezed by Milosevic, Plays His Separatist Card

PODGORICA, Apr. 26 - Milo Djukanovic, Montenegro's president is playing a separatist card, now that NATO's war on Yugoslavia has given his former master, Slobodan Milosevic, a chance to squeeze him, using the national emergency as a pretext. In an interview published today by the Italian newspaper L'Espresso, Djukanovic said that the "entire population" of Montenegro is ready to defend itself against Serbia.


TiM Ed.: Which is a lot of horse manure. A vast majority of Montenegrins consider themselves Serbs first, Montenegrin second (just as most New Yorkers, for example, would consider themselves Americans first, New Yorkers second). But the preceding statement is a sign of political desperation of this former communist, now New World Order turncoat and Madeleine Albright's protégé.

Today's Wall Street Journal, for example, has a story titled, "Serb Systematically Erode Fragile Power Base of Djukanovic, Montenegro's Pro-Western Chief," file by James Dorsey from Podgorica. The Journal is being kind when referring to Djukanovic's "power base." He was elected by allegedly a fradulent vote, according to some international monitors who observed the October 1997 Montenegrin presidential elections.

Not that Milosevic is above vote fraud, mind you. But at least in this case, his candidate, Momir Bulatovic, now Yugoslavia prime minister, was "outcheated" by Djukanovic's western vote fraud counselors. And now that Milosevic is getting back at Albright's protégé, no wonder Djukanovic told L'Espresso that Milosevic should be "politically eliminated."

By whom? Madam Halfbright? Milosevic must have had a good laugh if he saw that comment.


3. Oops... Clinton Forgets His Nuclear Suitcase, Goes Golfing

WASHINGTON, Apr. 24 - It figures. Make a draftdodger commander-in-chief, and give him the nation's nuclear suitcase, and he is bound to lose it, sooner or later. Bill Clinton departed the NATO summit in such a haste on Saturday (Apr. 24) that he left behind his military aide, who constantly shadows the president, and carries the briefcase containing U.S. nuclear launch codes, the Associated Press reported.

The aide walked the 4 1/2 blocks back to the White House without incident. "We're safe," said White House press secretary Joe Lockhart. He said Clinton left so quickly because his last summit meeting of the day broke up early and "rather than wait for everyone to gather, he just took off'' (45 minutes earlier than planned).


TiM Ed.: Which kind of puts in perspective how important military matters are to this draftdodger-turned-war hawk. Or human lives, for that matter. As if to underscore his callousness, Clinton reportedly went golfing today (Apr. 26), according to MSNBC TV. While people are dying in the Balkans, including Americans.

Way to build up "esprit de corps" in the American military, Mr. President! The Serb protesters were wrong (see the photo-cartoon - Day 14, Update 1, Apr. 6). Clinton is no "Adolf." He is just a murderous wimp.


4. DOJ Files Antitrust Charges Against NATO (That'll Be the Day...J)

NEW ZEALAND, Apr. 26 - Pedro Kurdo, a pseudonim for a "business correspondent of Internet Express News," whose real identity is known to TiM, sent us today the following tongue-in-cheek contribution from New Zealand:

"The US Department of Justice DOJ) has commenced a legal action against the NATO alliance under Section 2 of the Sherman Act, for unlawfully gaining its monopoly in the market of terrorist activities.

As the DOJ put it, 'NATO is engaged in unfair business practices and anti-competitive agreements directed at gaining total monopoly in the terrorist business.'

According to the DOJ, 'carrying illegal attacks on Afghanistan, Somalia and now Yugoslavia, NATO is trying to use a backdoor entry to the market, and with all its financial and technological might to push out numerous, small and often independent terrorist groups out of the spotlight.'

'We clearly feel threatened,' says Osama bin Laden, managing director of a relatively small, but well-established terrorist group. 'They have all the technology and know-how to carry out mass murder and destruction on a scale we can only dream of. They have a superior infrastructure and propaganda machine required for getting away with this sort of business. This market has to be regulated as soon as possible.' (Terrorist Digest, April 25, 1999)

But the architect of NATO's new policies, Madeleine Albright, vigorously defended the NATO position: 'The DOJ lawsuit is without merit. Stating that NATO is engaged in unfair practices is just an attempt to put blame on somebody else, which is not uncommon in this sort of business. Smaller competitors (in the terrorist business) simply have to take a better look at their effectiveness and, if necessary, restructure accordingly.'

Analysts say that, though the marked is still not saturated a sudden entry into the terrorist market by such a powerful organization as NATO, for a long time dominated by small, ethnically and religiously organized businesses, NATO's splash in Yugoslavia has sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

Another prominent terrorist leader, who wanted to remain anonymous, accused NATO of 'dumping,' another new tactic in the market. 'They are ready to invest enormous amounts of time and money in killing and destruction without getting any political profit from it,' he said.

James Rubin, a prominent advocate of NATO's involvement in the terrorist business, finds the whole DOJ case 'misplaced.' 'We love to compete, and more so, we support competition,' he replied on behalf of the State Department. 'If our unconditional support for KLA does not illustrate our commitment for small terrorist organizations, then I don't know what does.'

But many industry watchers dispute the idea of NATO's long-term commitment for small subversive organizations, and find it merely a cover for achieving the organization's strategic goals.

The terrorist business is definitely not what it used to be. It has become institutionalized, and it has moved upstream.

This is Pedro Kudro reporting from a foxhole in Auckland's Ankara district."


5. Buchanan Cleans Lieberman's Clock in TV Debate

WASHINGTON, Apr. 25 - The Republican presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, squared off against the Connecticut Democratic Senator, Joe Lieberman, on Sunday's "Meet the Press" TV program on NATO's war against Serbia. By the end of the program, Lieberman was on the mat, his liberal nose bloodied and gasping for air, while his corner try to prop him up for another round. They failed.

But you should be the ringside judge. Feel free to score the bout as you saw it....

MR. RUSSERT (Tim Russert, host): Joe Lieberman, Pat Buchanan, welcome both.

SEN. LIEBERMAN: Thank you, Tim.

MR. RUSSERT: Would President Buchanan try to convince an American mother that she should risk her son’s life in Kosovo?

MR. BUCHANAN: No, I would not because there’s no vital American interest in Kosovo. Tim, the Serbs, while their tactics are appalling—ethnic cleansing—are fighting for a sacred province that has belonged to them for generations. They’re fighting and dying inside their own country for their own land. It has never been a vital interest to the United States whose flag flies over Pristina. And what are we doing bombing and attacking this tiny country that has never attacked the United States to rip away from them a province that does not belong to us? I believe it is an unjust war. I think we have failed in our strategic objectives, and it is now becoming basically no longer a war for Kosovo but a war to save NATO’s credibility and NATO’s face. And that does not justify sending an army of 100,000 American ground troops into the Balkans.

MR. RUSSERT: Senator Lieberman?

SEN. LIEBERMAN: Well, it pains me to hear Pat’s answer because with all respect, it reveals a lack of learning the lessons of World War II and, indeed, of the Cold War. I mean, Ronald Reagan did not lead us to victory in the final battles of the Cold War for us less than a decade later to allow a Communist dictator to commit aggression and genocide in the heart of Europe. Those are the lessons. Those acts assault our values. America is more than a piece of real estate. America is a series of moral principles that begin with the right to life and liberty that the Declaration says our creator gave us. That is being grotesquely violated, those values, in Kosovo today.

Also, the Second World War taught us that if you don’t stop a smaller conflict in Europe early it’s going to spread and we’re going to get into a world war. So now is the time for us to stand by our principles, to stand by our allies in NATO, who reaffirmed our friendship and partnership with one another this weekend here in Washington, who will stand with us when we are tested around the world in the future, and they’re in Kosovo. American principles and American security interests are on the line.

MR. BUCHANAN: It pains me to disagree with my friend, Joe Lieberman. But Ronald Reagan, when he put troops into Lebanon and to stabilize that government, it was a just cause. But when the 269 Marines died, Ronald Reagan looked at that and said, "It is not in our vital interest. I made a mistake." He had the moral courage to pull them out. With regard to Kosovo, there was 2,000 killed in 1998 in a low-grade civil war. There was no genocide going on. It was an ugly little war. The massive ethnic cleansing has been caused—is a consequence of air strikes and Rambouillet. We ourselves have ignited this debacle. Now, in my judgment, the ideal is to stop the killing, to stop the suffering. And the way to do that is to work toward a negotiated peace. Milosevic apparently has agreed to have international troops in there as long as they’re not NATO. We want NATO troops in there. That is not a cause worth sending an American Army into the Balkans.

With regard to Tony Blair—excuse me, but this last week he has literally been the mouse that roared, talking about the United States or Britain going to a ground war in the Balkans. It is not going to be British troops humping up that road to Belgrade but American kids, U.S. Marines, airborne divisions. And that is not a vital interest of this country.

MR. RUSSERT: Would you partition Kosovo, give Mr. Milosevic...

MR. BUCHANAN: I would—look, if the Serbs—this is their holy place. It is their sacred territory. If they want to keep that, they’ve had it for generations and even centuries. Why are we trying to go to war to take it away from them? Of course...

MR. RUSSERT: Isn’t that appeasing Mr. Milosevic?

MR. BUCHANAN: Look, it is not appeasement. It is his—Kosovo is his province as much—how would we react if down the road they said, "You got to give up Texas and the Alamo"? How would Ariel Sharon react if an Arab League and the Europeans said, "You’ve got to give up Jerusalem and get out"?

MR. RUSSERT: But we didn’t drive out a million Texans in train cars and buses and make them refugees?

MR. BUCHANAN: Look, Tim, you’re telling me that the tactics have been appalling and disgusting and you are exactly right. What triggered the massive ethnic cleansing of Kosovo? It is my belief that it was the NATO air strikes that began this whole episode, and if we had—is there anybody here who would not accept immediately the status quo ante? Is there anyone who thinks the Kosovar Albanians are better off now than they were 32 days ago?

MR. RUSSERT: Senator?

SEN. LIEBERMAN: This is an outrageous claim. The status quo ante was about to be Milosevic moving into Kosovo and doing exactly what he’s done, slaughtering the Kosovars and burning their villages and pushing them out. It is outrageous for Pat to say that the NATO air bombing caused the slaughter in Kosovo. Look it didn’t require NATO to bomb Serbia for Milosevic over the last 10 years to invade Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, to bring about the death of hundreds of thousands of people in those places. This man is a tyrant and, Pat, you’re wrong about Ronald Reagan. Remember, Reagan led us to victory in the Cold War to stop tyranny and communism. Milosevic is a tyrant and a Communist and what you’re talking about is basically standing back—what would you have done as he moved into Kosovo and began to slaughter, rape and burn?

MR. BUCHANAN: You’re wrong both in your history and geography. Yugoslavia began to break up. Slovenia had belonged to Yugoslavia. It broke away. Croatia broke away. Bosnia broke away. Macedonia...

SEN. LIEBERMAN: Did that justify him invading all of those places?

MR. BUCHANAN: No. Macedonia broke away and Kosovo is breaking away. You’ve got the breakdown of a country in which America has no vital interest. Frankly, I supported Slovenia. I supported Croatia. I did not support Bosnia. But it is not a vital interest of the United States of America, whose flag flies over any one of these particular provinces, republics or countries.

SEN. LIEBERMAN: That’s like seeing...

MR. BUCHANAN: America’s vital interest, quite frankly, Joe, is in peace in the Balkans. Can you tell me we have gotten peace there? We have widened the war. We have estranged the Russians. We have destabilized Macedonia and Montenegro and we have ignited, not caused, but ignited, the greatest human rights catastrophe in the history of the Kosovar Albanians. How can you defend the policy of Balkan Bay of Pigs?

SEN. LIEBERMAN: Pat, at the end of this conflict, which NATO must and will win, we will have established the principle of a free and united Europe. Lech Walesa, one of the heroes of the end of the Cold War, said this week here in Washington, "If NATO does not triumph in Kosovo, we will have a third world war in Europe." Why? Because there will be no fear. Tyrants in Europe and Asia and the Middle East will run wild because there’s no one on the block to speak for the values and security that we hold dear.

MR. BUCHANAN: Joe, the NATO expansionists and the NATO interventionists who launched this Balkan Bay of Pigs are more responsible than anyone for the possible—first for the ruin of NATO’s credibility, and second for the possible destruction of NATO. You made a blunder. When you make a blunder, have the moral courage to admit it, cut the best deal and end it.

SEN. LIEBERMAN: This is not Reagan in Lebanon. This is not a blunder. This is a noble fight for a worthy cause which is the principle of liberty and justice and freedom and a stable and united and free Europe. And if we had sat back—look, even the negotiated settlement that you talk about, Pat, would not have been possible and I’m against it. I think we ought to have non-negotiable demands unless we had taken military action. This man, Milosevic, only listens to force.

MR. RUSSERT: Senator, last week at this very table, the former NATO supreme commander said, "It’s going to take ground troops to win. NATO cannot afford to lose. We need ground troops." Is it time?

SEN. LIEBERMAN: It is time—I hope it doesn’t take ground troops to win, because I hope the air campaign, even if it does not convince Milosevic to order his troops out of Kosovo, will so devastate his economy, which it’s doing now, so ruin the lives of his people, that they will rise up and throw him out. But there is no substitute for victory here. If it takes ground troops, we must use them. And as part of that, not only should we begin to plan for the use of ground troops as was decided at the NATO conference this week, I believe we should begin to deploy them to the region so that we are ready to strike and finish this fight if that becomes necessary.

MR. RUSSERT: I’ll give you the last word.

MR. BUCHANAN: You have touched right on the basic points. They said we have to win. NATO cannot afford to lose. What you’re saying then is what is at stake, all the other things that have been lost, is NATO’s credibility. You cannot smash and destroy a tiny country to re-establish credibility. That is not a moral or a just war. If we could get the situation back where all of those Albanians were back in Kosovo, we would take it. We can’t even do that right now. Cut the best deal we can, end this debacle. Rebuild America’s military and retrench and stay out of wars that are none of America’s business.


6. March on Washington '99 May 1: List of Speakers

PHOENIX, Apr. 26 - In our Apr. 24 Special TiM Bulletin, we invited you to come and join us and the American patriots from across the country in the May 1 "March on Washington '99" (see Day 32, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 24) protest, at the south lawn of the White House. We've now received the final speakers' list, which we are happy to share with you. As you can see, the TiM editor is scheduled to speak at about 1:30PM;


Sat. May 1st, 12-5 p.m. White House Ellipse, 17th & E St.


12:00-12:10 p.m. - Introductions and Benediction

12:10-12:30 p.m. - Bob Barr- China, Kosovo and our National Security U.S. Congressman, (7th-GA), House Manager, author of H. Res. 304

12:30-12:50 p.m. - Bill Triplett - How Bill Clinton Compromised American Security for Chinese Cash U.S. Senate Investigator, co-author of the Year of the Rat,

12:50- 1:10 p.m. - Herb Titus - The Unconstitutional President 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate for U.S. Taxpayers Party

1:10 - 1:30 p.m. - Cliff Kincaid (for Accuracy in Media) - Unreported Crimes Against the Constitution Founder, America’s Survival; co-author, Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier

1:30 - 1:50 p.m. - Bob Djurdjevic - Five Weeks of America’s Infamy: Why Clinton Cannot Win the Illegal War He Started Founder, Truth in Media, author and columnist; global, geopolitical and economic affairs expert

1:50 - 2:10 p.m. - Steve Meyers - Are You or Have You Ever Been a Member of the New World Order/Council on Foreign Relations? Editor of Exegesis, British Foreign Affairs Committee Secretary during the Thatcher Administration

2:10 - 2:30 p.m. - Garland Favorito - The Protectors of Bill Clinton Exposed Citizens for Honest Government, Georgia Chapter Coordinator

2:30 - 2:50 p.m. - Michael Ruppert - The Real Impeachment Scorch Editor of From the Wilderness, Former L.A.P.D. Narcotics Officer

2:50 - 3:10 p.m. - Pat Matrisciana - Arkansas’ Dirty Little Secret Produced Clinton Chronicles, Death of Vince Foster, Mena Cover-up, 60 Minutes Deception

3:10 - 3:30 p.m. - Steve Miroy - How Bill Clinton Can Stay in Office After the Year 2000

Clinton Investigative Commission

3:30 - 3:50 p.m. - Tom Adkins - How We Lost America and How We Can Save It Founder,, author of 25 Snappy Comebacks to Stupid Impeachment Soundbites

3:50 - 4:10 p.m. - Andrew Amirault - America’s Future Journalist, activist and organizer of the March on Washington ‘99

4:10 - 4:30 p.m. - Steve Ulrey - A New Campaign A Concerned American Citizen

4:30 - 4:50 p.m. - Pat Cooksey - Speak Out for the Sake of Freedom Founder, True Blue Patriots

4:50 - 5:00 p.m. - Some Historically Important Announcements -

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