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March 25, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-03, Day 2, Update 1

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Mar. 25, 1999; 12:45PM EST - DAY 2, UPDATE 1


  1. Belgrade:   Is NATO Hiding Its Casualties?
  2. Kosovo: Serb Civilian Targets Hit Across Kosovo, Serbia. Montenegro
  3. Beijing: China Demands End to NATO Strikes on Yugoslavia
  4. Skopje: Macedonians Torch American Flags, Foreign Media Vehicles, Attack U.S. Embassy


1. Is NATO Hiding Its Casualties?

BELGRADE, Mar. 25 - "We've downed at least one NATO airplane - over Mount Jastrebac," reported one of our Belgrade sources at 1616 local time (1016AM EST). "The German (pilot) catapulted out of the cockpit. The local villagers are now looking for him."

There is a high probability that at least one other NATO plane was destroyed, and unconfirmed reports of two others being shot down. In addition, a spokeswoman for the UN mission in Sarajevo, Bosnia, confirmed that one NATO plane made an emergency landing at the Sarajevo airport, with smoke coming out of the aircraft.

Serbs have also destroyed between four and six "tomahawks," according to this source.

Yet, we don't hear anything about any of this from our media sources. In fact, we've just heard a statement by NATO on CNN that it had supposedly suffered no casualties, while downing three Serbian planes. So one has to wonder, is NATO hiding its casualties from the people?


2. Civilian Targets Hit Across Kosovo, Serbia. Montenegro

KOSOVO, Mar. 25 - After receiving several other reports from other sources about the Serb civilians targets being hit by NATO in Kosovo, we received this morning the following e-mail from Father Sava Janjic in Decani in Kosovo, which confirmed it

"As you have probably all heard NATO has started air strikes against Yugoslavia.

Our monastery and my brotherhood are safe so far although the monastery has been flooded with Serb refugees who had been expelled by KLA from their homes during the previous months.

With great regret I must admit that this attack will have very serious counter effects on the peace process in Kosovo.

We are constantly receiving news from the ground. Despite the official promises by the Western governments that the attacks will be launched against military targets only several civilian areas have already been hit by cruise missiles including the village of Gracanica where one of the most sacred Serb Orthodox monastery is situated. We do not know anything about our sisters in Devic where the new KLA attacks were reported tonight.

Among the civilian victims there are several Krajina refugees in Kursumlija according to the latest reports from radio.

We make a strong protest against these barbarous attacks which will not only stop the humanitarian crisis but will make the humanitarian catastrophe much worse in which the civilian population will suffer the most." Fr. Sava.

Serb civilian targets have also been hit in other communities across Serbia and Kosovo. As a result, during the first 24 hours of the NATO bombing, 10 Serbian civilians have been killed, and 60 wounded, according to Yugoslavia’s information minister, Goran Matic.

NATO has said that it has so far attacked 40 military targets, and that the intensity of its attacks on Day 2 will be two to three times greater than on the first day.

Here is a partial list of Serbian communities attacked by NATO, according to our Serbian sources

In Belgrade and its vicinity, Avala, Rakovica, Mladenovac, Sopot, Grocka, left bank of the river Sava, and Batajnica were bombed.

In Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Sombor, Vrbas and Kovin were attacked.

In southern Serbia, Kursumlija, Kopaonik, Kraljevo, Uzice and Nis were bombed.

In Kosovo, according to a statement by General Pavlovic, besides Pristina, quite a few Serbian villages were hit, including Gracanica and Djakovica.

In Montenegro, the Podgorica airport (Golubovci) was hit at the very moment a Yugoslav Airlines (JAT) civilian airplane was landing. It was a regular Belgrade-Podgorica flight. Danilovgrad, Berane, Lustica and the relay above Sutomore were also hit.


3. China Demands End to NATO Strikes on Yugoslavia

BEIJING, March 25 (AFP) - China demanded NATO halt its strikes launched Wednesday against Yugoslavia and warned of unspecified "serious consequences" if the offensive continued.

"I am extremely concerned and worried," Chinese President Jiang Zemin said at a banquet in Milan, Italy, where he was visiting as part of a European tour.


4. Macedonians Torch American Flags, Foreign Media Vehicles, Attack U.S. Embassy

SKOPJE, Mar. 25 - Thousands of angry Macedonians torched American flags, and attacked the foreign media vehicles in Skopje this afternoon, demanding the removal of NATO troops from the Macedonian soil, CNN has just reported. Currently, about 10,000 NATO troops are based in Macedonia.

Protesters in Skopje told Reuters that they felt their government had rolled over for the Americans and urged it to "listen to the people and send NATO away." "Our government has betrayed us by bringing these troops," said an elderly man from the northern town of Kumanovo, where about 5,000 people staged a similar protest.

Some demonstrators waved an American flag with a swastika and a poster reading "All NATO brings is AIDS."

Last week, media reports that five waiters of a Skopje bar had emerged victors in a brawl with 22 British soldiers reverberated across the nation and filled many with patriotic pride.

CNN has just reported that explosions could be heard in Skopje's city center this evening, as the angry protesters attacked the American Embassy.


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