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April 21, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-49, Day 29, Update 2

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Apr. 21, 1999; 11:00PM GMT - DAY 29, UPDATE 2


Moscow                 1. Why Clinton Is Begging Yeltsin for Help

Sofia, Bucharest 2. Add Two More Vassals to NWO Lineup: Bulgaria and Romania

Phoenix                 3. "Partnership for Peace": "Taming the 'Russian Bear'"

                                  (A Replay of an April 1995 TiM Column)

Phoenix                 4. "On the Brink of Madness" (A CHRONICLES May 1999 Column)


1. Why Clinton Is Begging Yeltsin for Help

MOSCOW, Apr. 19 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin warned the West on Monday (Apr. 19) that he would not allow it to defeat Serbia and establish control over Yugoslavia, according to Reuters news wire. Speaking hours before a scheduled teleconference with the U.S. President, Bill Clinton, arranged at Clinton's request, Yeltsin said Moscow could not ditch Belgrade.

"Bill Clinton hopes that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic will capitulate, give up the whole of Yugoslavia. We will not allow this. This is a strategic place," Itar-Tass news agency quoted Yeltsin as saying.

Of course, it's strategic. Which is why NATO is rushing to fill the vacuum created by its Cold War "victory" before anyone else does.

Not that Yeltsin is a stalwart supporter of the Serbs, mind you. Reactions to NATO's war on Serbia of this New World Order quisling have ranged from outrage to meekness. Outrage - for the sake of Russian domestic audiences. Meekness - for the benefit of his NWO masters.

No surprise there. Check out the following column (go on to the article in Item 3 which TiM published on April 19, 1995). There is no mistake in the date. Yes, it was four years ago plus two days we said all those things. That's how God's providence works...


2. Add Two More Vassals to NWO Lineup: Bulgaria and Romania

SOFIA, BUCHAREST, Apr. 21 - Despite an overwhelming popular support for the Serbs' cause in these two predominantly Orthodox Christian Balkan countries, Bulgaria's and Romania's governments have both acceded to NATO's request for use of their air space in this alliance's attack on the neighboring Yugoslavia.

Not that the heads of Bulgaria's or Romania's states knew why Bill Clinton had requested such a permission. They just gave the new "Adolf" a blank check anyway, just like they did to the old one. Our guess is that Clinton requested that so that he could use the NATO basis in Turkey for additional attacks on Serbia.

Croatia and Hungary, of course, the old Hitler allies (the latter now also the new member of NATO), had already done the same, long ago. And as you saw from a recent report by a Czech correspondent, this new NATO country also seems to be providing logistical support for raids against a fellow-Slav Christian country (see Day 26, Update 1, Item 5, Apr. 18).

As for Macedonia, which was neither allied to NATO, nor opposed to it, its sovereignty is being trampled by NATO willy-nilly. Once again, Macedonia's quisling government is acquiescing while its people are objecting to NATO's presence on its soil and in the air.


3. "Partnership for Peace": "Taming the 'Russian Bear'" (A Replay of an April 1995 TiM Column)


4. "On the Brink of Madness" (A CHRONICLES May 1999 Column)


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