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April 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-41, Day 21, Update 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 13, 1999; 10:30PM EDT - DAY 21, UPDATE 2


Brisbane                  1. More Fake Graves?

Alaska                     2. A Pastor: Russian TV Coverage Disappears from C-Span

Washington             3. Buchanan on Kosovo: "The Mess They've Made"

Phoenix                   4. Why Are the Serbs the New World Order's First Victims?

Indianapolis             5. Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival


1. More Fake Graves?

BRISBANE, Apr. 13 - Two TiM readers, half a world apart - one in Brisbane, Australia, another in Minnesota - have independently concluded that the satellite photos of the alleged new graves offered as "proof" of "Serbgraves.gif (206410 bytes) atrocities" by Washington's "lie and deny" PR factory are - FAKES. Here was their reasoning (the photos are posted at our Web site within this story so you can check them out for yourself):

"U.S. Lie Satellites! - ANOTHER PROPAGANDA CON," read the headline from a message we received from Australia. The photographs shown below came from page 10 of Brisbane's Courier Mail, the main daily in this city. They purport to show "recently dug mass graves" (marked with the [] shape, center of picture) near the Kosovo town of Pusto Selo. Although the date of 9 April is given on the picture on the right, no date is given on the picture to the left. This leaves the impression that the two photos are "before and after" shots of the area.

"But the 'grave diggers' must have been busy little beavers," our correspondent writes, "as new buildings have also "shot up" while the 'graves' were being dug." (see top left corner of the right hand picture).

From which our correspondent concludes:

"I am no aerial reconnaissance expert, but considering it is spring in Kosovo, and it takes about 12 weeks to erect a substantial building like the one in the photograph, the picture on the left must have been taken in winter, and of course the alleged " recently dug graves," and the many other minor landmarks not evident in the left side photograph, would have been snow covered. If this is not the case then the left side pictures must have been taken before the last winter and is so old no reasonable comparison could be made. Or perhaps they are both the same picture and the guy with the airbrush got carried away, and wiped the house out?'"!

Our correspondent from Minnesota noticed some other oddities about this satellite "proof" of nothing. "I noted that the shadows of the buildings are in exactly the same position in both pictures," he wrote. " Were both of these pictures somehow taken at exactly the same time of day, on exactly the same day of the year, and from exactly the same place in the sky? Unless this is a satellite photo from a satellite that is in a coordinated orbit over Pusto Selo, there is something wrong with this skit."


TiM Ed.: Long time TiM readers will recall, of course, that fake satellite photos are nothing new when it comes to the NOW "lie and deny" PR con-artists manufacturing the "proof" of their claims. Check out "Kosovo: Srebrenica II?" (Day 8, Update 1, Item 5, Mar. 31 - available at our Web site).


A TiM reader writes on Apr. 15:

"This is concerning the stroy about the US satellite photos which supposedly show mass graves. Whoever noticed that the building was not in the first picture is blind. You guys need to be check your sources. The building is obviously there to anyone who looks closely. Look for the corner of it beneath the clouds."


And another TiM reader commented on Apr. 18:

"My name is Theresa Diorio-I am from Teaneck, NJ and I work for TransAmerica-an insurance company. In my job, I have to determine where flood zones are to see if the owner needs insurance. That may sound a little useless in terms of the war-but in my job I have to line up tax maps to flood maps-so in a way, I can say that I'm a bit of an expert at comparing maps.

The only reason I'm even bringing this up has to do with the "mass grave" photograph I have seen on tv and on the web. I was able to shrink the before and after pictures so they could be on the same scale and then I lined them up-according to the buildings (ignoring the new one) and according to other points of reference and when all is lined up-it is obvious that the two photos do not match. The place where the graves should be-according to the second picture does not line up to the layout of the land in the second.

The way I lined these two pictures were that I shrank one down until both photos were of the same scale-then I made a tp-or transparency of the equally scaled pics and then I placed the "after" shot on the "before" shot-and the place where the graves supposedly are just don't line up.

I'd love to show this to you-but scanning the tp with the actual picture below it makes it impossible to see. If you would really like this proof, I'd be glad send you a tp and the actual photo to your address. Please let me know if that is the case and I'll send it to you right away."


Theresa Diorio


2. A Pastor: Russian TV Coverage Disappears from C-Span

ALASKA, Apr. 13 - We received today the following feedback from a visitor to our site, Rev. Steven Smith, a pastor from Alaska. Here is his comment:

"Thank you for you site. I am sure it has been all-consuming as a result of the recent day events over Kosovo, note not Kosova! (the Albanian term). I am praying that prominent Americans, and more of the general public at large, will dig beyond the surface and realize that there is more here than meets the eye.

I am sorry that we have been cut off form Russian television in recent days that was covering news from Serbia. Russian television just vanished from the C-Span coverage. Probably the things that outrages me the most is that our government has such control of the media coverage, and that it desires to keep the American population ignorant. If that doesn't border on dictatorship I don't know what does.

Praying for the truth to come to the surface before it is to late."

Rev. Steven Smith


3. Buchanan on Kosovo: "The Mess They've Made"

WASHINGTON, Apr. 13 - The Republican presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, today lashed out once again at the Clinton administration's handling of the Kosovo crisis in a column published today by the Washington Post:

"Three weeks into Bill Clinton's Balkan adventure and America risks a debacle. The human rights crisis in Kosovo has exploded into a catastrophe. Slobodan Milosevic is being rallied around like some Serbian Churchill. Montenegro and Macedonia are destabilized; Russia is being swept by anti-American jingoism; and U.S. troops may have to go marching into the Big Muddy. Such are the fruits of Utopian crusades for global democracy.

The great lesson of Vietnam was: Before you commit the army, commit the nation. Clinton and Madeleine Albright launched a war against Yugoslavia with the support of neither.

Yet this debacle is not their doing alone. It is a product of the hubris of a foreign policy elite that has for too long imbibed of its own moonshine about America being the "world's last superpower" and "indispensable nation." Even as we slashed our defenses to the smallest fraction of GDP since before Pearl Harbor, the rhetoric has remained triumphalist, and the commitments have kept on coming.

Responsibility must be shared by Congress, for Clinton's intent to launch this Balkan war was long apparent. Yet Congress failed either to authorize war or deny the president the right to attack.

With Milosevic still defying NATO, we are admonished that "failure is not an option," the United States must do "whatever is necessary to win." Otherwise, NATO's credibility will be destroyed.

But this is mindlessness. If the war was a folly to begin with, surely, the answer is to cut our losses and let the idiot-adventurers who urged the attack resign to write their memoirs, rather than send 100,000 U.S. troops crashing into the Balkans to save the faces and careers of our blundering strategists. Only a fanatic redoubles his energy when he has lost sight of his goal. [...]

What the United States needs today in the Balkans is a least-bad peace, patrolled by Europeans, where Serbs rule Serbs, Croats Croats and Albanians Albanians. And if, in the negotiations to end this tragedy, Belgrade cries, "No American troops in Kosovo!" let us insist upon it, and bring our soldiers home from Europe, as Ike told JFK to do nearly 40 years ago."

For the full article, check out: http//


4. Why Are the Serbs the New World Order's First Victims?

PHOENIX, Apr. 13 - During the last three weeks of our non-stop coverage of NATO's attack on Serbia, many TiM readers have asked us the question in the title of this article: "Why are the Serbs the New World Order's First Victims?"

Interestingly, this is the same question which some prescient TiM readers asked us in the summer of 1997, nearly two years ago. Having re-read our answer to them, we find it as appropriate today as it was back then. Which is why we bring it to you again. Here's an excerpt from the TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-3 (10-Aug-97):

QUESTION: "As with Stalin's plan (1923) for the destruction of Christianity by destroying Germany via WW II... I wonder what is also special about the Serbs that would make them the intended victims of the same leadership types in the NWO Cabal?"


Ed. The above TiM correspondent is a retired US Army officer, a German-American who had served honorably in Vietnam, among other places. He asked the above question in response to the TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-2 - re. Holbrooke - the "Balkan Bully." Our reply follows:


TiM ANSWER: The Serbs were the easiest to kill or enslave among the Orthodox Christians. They are isolated and surrounded by enemies. There are only 10 million of them. Plus, the Serbs are fierce freedom fighters. Beating them to a pulp would discourage rebellion against the New World Order (NWO) by others later on. Also, the Serbs are the most "Western" of all Orthodox Christians.

The Greeks may be next. They are also isolated and surrounded by enemies. Plus, a smaller nation than even the Serbs. Notice that Bill Clinton has appointed Richard Holbrooke a special envoy to Cyprus? What Holbrooke did to the Serbs in Bosnia, he is likely to do to the Greeks on Cyprus.

Killing, enslaving the Orthodox Christian Russia will take longer. But the process is already under way. The methods are the same. NATO is an "Iron Ring" around Russia's European neck. Islam will shackle her soft southern underbelly. China will finish the job from the east.

After the 250 million or so of Orthodox Christians are killed or enslaved, the Protestant Christians will become the next target of the NWO. They will be easier to kill or enslave than the Catholics. There are only 500 million Protestant adherents vs. over a billion Catholic ones.

Finally, the "NWO cabal," as you put it, will turn against the Catholics, too.

See a pattern? Like a pack of hungry wolves converging on unsuspecting animals, the NWO hyenas attack the weakest one first. Among the Christians, that was the Serbs. That's why the Serbs were the first victims. That's why they need/deserve help from other Christians around the world NOW - before the others become too weak to help.

The NWO is a reverse (and more perverse) form of the Crusades. In fact, it is a revenge for the Crusades. It is a crusade against the Christians!

Of course, in reality, things are not going to be happening serially, as described above, but in parallel - with the above order of targets determining the NWO priorities. So the actual process may be faster than it seems.


TiM Ed.: Back to present time (Apr. 13, 1999)... the fact that the preceding comments were published in August 1997, yet so few people headed them back then, both in America and around the world, is an example of complacency which is exceeded perhaps only by the world Christians' inertia to the alarming reaction to our above TiM GW Bulletin written contemporaneously by a theological scholar. Which we also reproduce for you below...


5. Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival

PHOENIX, Apr. 13 - What follows is a letter which we received from a TiM reader in August 1997 from Prof. Charles Ashanin, of Indianapolis, Indiana:

"I must respond at once to your bulletin of August 7, 1997 - the one in which you explain what is behind NWO persecution of the Serbs. First, and foremost, unworthy though they (the Serbs) are because they fight each other, because they are Orthodox Christians, at least historically speaking, and their (shall I say our) situation can be understood in that context.

As a historian of Christianity, I can testify to you that you were inspired when you wrote what you did about the predicament and perils of Christians in the world. The irony, Bob, is that the Antichrist, who is behind all this, is uniting Western Christians, Roman Catholics and Protestants against us (Orthodox Christians) without their knowing; blind fools, that one day the same fate awaits them! But then it will be too late!

The famous Russian philosopher, Vladimir Solovyev, (d. 1900) wrote a book called "Antichrist," in which he explains that the Antichrist will announce his reign through and from the United States of Europe (the today's NWO-although he does not use that term).

The Serbs were the first in the fourteenth century to face Antichrist when the Turks invaded their lands. However, after five centuries of slavery they survived, but Satan has been waiting to crush them. It began with the Second World War when in Croatia alone 1,000,000 of them perished. Now again he is at their throat through NWO. I will say no more.

What is reassuring to me is that lay people like us, see and understand all this, even if our clerical leaders do not. I congratulate you on this.

One Christian people who were the first to be attacked were the Armenians in Turkey. From 1896-1916, two to three million of them perished. Now the turn has come of the Serbs. You put it well. Satan, the NWO goes for the weak. Do not stop raising the alarm. The times are perilous-but God hears the prayers of the righteous!"

Dr. Charles Ashanin, Ph.D. (Glasgow, Scotland), Professor Emeritus of Early Church History

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