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April 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-40, Day 21, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 13, 1999; 3:00PM EDT - DAY 21, UPDATE 1


Phoenix                      1. A TiM Clarification re. Volunteers

Belgrade                    2. A Letter to All Mothers of the World

New York                 3. Russia Appeals to World Court

Oslo                           4. Albright-Ivanov Meeting Produces No Results

Phoenix                     5. Number of Hits at TiM Web Site Soars: Truth

                                     Seekers from 80 Countries Visit Us in Just 11 Days!


1. A TiM Clarification re. Volunteers

PHOENIX, Apr. 13 - Further to some TiM readers' letters which urged American and other patriots to join the Serbs guarding the Brankov bridge with nothing but their lives, we have received a number of responses from TiM readers which suggest a need for a further clarification.

As we said in Day 20, Update 2, Item 1 (Apr. 12), we've set up a special e-mail address PATRIOTS@TRUTHINMEDIA.ORG for those TiM readers who wish to find out about the logistics of travel to Yugoslavia at this time, given that the Yugoslav embassy in Washington and all consulates have been closed. We now have a Yugoslav diplomatic post's address etc. which we have been providing to the people who have written to us at the above e-mail, so that they can get first-hand visa and other travel information from the appropriate authorities.

And that's all. We are not "organizing" anything. We simply tried to be responsive to some of our readers' requests for information. TiM is a publishing endeavor, not a charity or some other NGO (non-governmental organization).

For those among TiM readers who are interested in volunteering for charity work and/or making donations for the Serbian people, you should know that no normal banking transactions with Serbia are possible (bank transfers, money orders, checks, etc.). So we suggest that you contact your local Orthodox Christian churches (Serb, Greek or Russian) and try to initiate or join any humanitarian aid projects that they may have under way. Good luck and God bless!


2. A Letter to All Mothers of the World

BELGRADE, Apr. 12 - TiM has received the following appeal addressed to "all mothers of the world" from Prof. Dr. Milos Cvetkovic, professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Belgrade university clinic, and one of the country's most prominent scientists:

"In this address to all women of the world, mothers and future mothers, I would like to appeal to your maternal instinct to raise your voice in defense of innocent children, those who already toddle on this Earth and those who expect to see the light of the day, to be loved and grow in happiness and love, and to enjoy the benefits of modern civilization. You should know that the civilian victims are not only the dead, disabled and wounded, but also the Serbian and other children exposed to psychic stress with no guilt of their own. While you are watching the live broadcast of your modern armies bombing the Yugoslav targets, the children and mothers spend night after night in their shelters. Can you imagine the severity of psychic stress experienced by these innocent creatures when they hear the ominous wailing of sirens announcing your rockets and bombers? Do you ever think of their sleepless nights in the dark, freezing cold shelters? Do you ever think of the long-term consequences of the prolonged stress? Can mother live with the psychic stress of their loved ones, of those they endowed with life?

It has been evidenced that psychic state of pregnant women influences the psychic development of their children. About 150000 children are born each year in Yugoslavia. It means that several hundred thousand human beings will be psychologically burdened and prone to numerous psychosomatic diseases. Is the aim to destroy the whole generation? In spite of all that, those who have dig up the hatchet keep on repeating that they love the Serbian people, and that there are no civilian victims! But this is not the worst! I hear that the advocates of war have started throwing radioactive bombs on Kosovo! This is the true humanitarian catastrophe! Do you know how many children will be born with radiation-induced defects? Do you know anything about long term effects of radiation? Are you aware of the number of civilians who will develop malignancies? Is this the humanitarian catastrophe against which you, allegedly, fight?

Do you ever wonder if this computerized technology of war may some day be directed against you and your children? It is still not too late! Raise your voice to be heard! Stir the conscience of your husbands, brothers and sons! Let the war bugle be replaced with music of love!"

Dr. Milos Cvetkovic, MD, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


TiM Ed.: To which TiM can also add a footnote, based on an e-mail we've just received from another Serb doctor, a dermatologist. This doctor has been treating a four-year old patient who has been losing her hair due to everyday stress of air raid sirens and bombings. The young girl's mother said that the child also vomits almost every time she hears the sirens, which the four-year old says she fears more than the bombs. Why is the U.S. inflicting such suffering on children? - this doctor was wondering.


3. Russia Appeals to World Court

NEW YORK, Apr. 12 - Russia asked the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court in the Hague, to determine the legal consequences of NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, the Associated Press has reported from New York on Apr. 12.

Moscow has argued that NATO action over the Kosovo dispute is illegal because the U.N. Security Council didn't explicitly authorize it. Russia also says the strikes against its Serb allies violate the fundamental goal of the United Nations, which is to maintain peace in the world.

The draft request doesn't mention Kosovo, NATO or Yugoslavia by name, but diplomats said the intent of the resolution was clear: to give Russia another chance to formally object to the NATO assault on its allies in Belgrade. The draft cites the U.N. Charter in saying individual nations and regional organizations cannot use force against sovereign states without the authorization of the Security Council.

"No considerations, whether political, economic, military or of any other kind, may be used to justify the threat or use of force in violation of the Charter of the United Nations,'' it says. It requests "as a matter of urgency,'' that the International Court of Justice give its opinion on the legal consequences such unauthorized intervention would have for the United Nations and for peace in the world.


4. Albright-Ivanov Meeting Produces No Results

OSLO, Apr. 12 - The talks between the Russian and American top diplomats, held today in Oslo, did not produce any tangible results with respect to the Kosovo crisis. After four hours of talks between Madeleine Albright, the U.S. secretary of state, and Igor Ivanov, Russia's foreign minister, the two parties could only politely agree to disagree on the NATO attacks, the Bloomberg newswire reported today.


5. Number of Hits at TiM Web Site Soars: Truth Seekers from 80 Countries Visit Us in Just 11 Days!

PHOENIX, Apr. 13 - The number of hits and visitors at the Truth in Media Web site has been soaring ever since the New Day of Infamy, Mar. 24, the date NATO started bombing Serbia. We have just received the latest statistics about the visitors to our Web site which shows that the number of monthly "hits" is now in the millions, as truth seekers from 80 countries around the world had paid visited us in just the first 11 days of April. Thank you, truth seekers of the world!

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