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March 24, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-02, Day 1, Update 2

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Mar. 24, 1999; 8:50PM EST - DAY 1, UPDATE 2


  1. Belgrade: First Eyewitness Report Confirms Civilian Refugees Killed by NATO Bombs; Claims One NATO Plane Downed; Vojvodina, Montenegro Also Hit
  2. Vatican: Vatican Calls NATO Attack on Serbia a "Defeat for Humanity"
  3. Moscow: Russian Leaders Continue to Vent Steam


1. First Eyewitness Report Confirms Civilian Refugees Killed by NATO Bombs, Claims One NATO Plane Downed; Montenegro Also Hit

BELGRADE, Mar. 24 - We've just received the first eyewitness report from Belgrade which confirmed an earlier Reuters report, that NATO bombs had killed an unspecified number of Serbian civilians who were "ethnically cleansed" from Bosnia and the Krajina in 1995. The refugees were housed as temporary accomodation in the barracks at a military base near Belgrade which was hit by NATO. "Which means that, once again, the killed ones are again the civilians, and at that, those who had already been the victims of the New World Order before," our Belgrade correspondent said.

In Montenegro, which some western sources had said would not be bombed, due to its pro-western government stance, the capital, Podgorica, was also hit, as well as Herceg-Novi, Bar and Ulcinj. Three Serbian soldiers were reportedly wounded.

NATO air strikes in Serbia on Wednesday hit an aircraft factory on the outskirts of the capital Belgrade, local radio said.

The UTVA factory in Pancevo suffered a "direct hit on the production hall, which is on fire," Radio Pancevo said. The radio, in a later broadcast, said the number of explosions coming from the factory was up to six. It said that all windows on the production hall had been blown throughout the town. It also said there was a subsequent detonation from the direction of the factory's small airfield, where it conducts its test flights.

In Novi Sad, some targets on the periphery of the city were hit, but the city center was quiet.

Our source finished his report by adding, "I don't know if I can rejoice, but it seems that we've downed three 'tomahawks' and one NATO plane."

Here is also an excerpt from the original Reuters story which our source corroborated

BELGRADE, Mar. 24 (Reuters) - The Yugoslav army said an unspecified number of women and children who were family of former soldiers were killed in NATO air strikes on Wednesday. The army, in a statement carried by the official Tanjug news agency, said the victims were "refugees" staying temporarily in military housing hit during the NATO strikes on military targets.


2. Vatican Calls NATO Attack on Serbia a "Defeat for Humanity"

VATICAN CITY, Mar. 24 (Reuters) - The Vatican, reacting to NATO missile attacks against Yugoslavia, said on Wednesday the use of force was a defeat for humanity.


3. Russian Leaders Continue to Vent Steam

MOSCOW, Mar. 24 (Reuters) - Both U.S. President Bill Clinton and French President Jacques Chirac had telephoned Yeltsin before the bombing. After speaking to Clinton, Yeltsin addressed the nation, saying a decision to bomb Yugoslavia would jeopardize European security.

Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov rang German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Wednesday evening to tell him the air strikes would damage Russia's relations with the West.

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov told Reuters "This is the darkest day of the post-war period. The United States is taking the same route as fascist Germany (under Adolf Hitler)."


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