Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

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April 10, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-36, Day 18

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 10, 1999; 1:30PM EDT - DAY 18


Washington                   1. Clinton Willing to Risk Global War; A Pentagon Officer:

                                          "The Man Is an Ass" (From the Capitol Hill Blue)

Athens                           2. Toxins from NATO Bombs Endangering Six Countries Besides

                                          Serbia; Use of Depleted Uranium Shells Condemned

Los Fresnos                  3. Get Us Out of NATO! (By Col. Randy Givens, a "Green Beret" Vet)

Los Angeles                  4. The O'Grady Lie (By William Dorich)

Phoenix                         5. An American Hero or Actor of the Year? (A June '95 TiM story)


1. Clinton Willing to Risk Global War; A Pentagon Officer:  "The Man Is an Ass" (From the Capitol Hill Blue)

WASHINGTON, Apr. 5 - Bill Clinton's failing Kosovo war "is part of a desperate, dangerous and fatally flawed plan by a scandal-ridden President to salvage a legacy for the history books," White House and Pentagon insiders told Doug Thompson, the Capitol Hill Blue publisher and a former journalist.

Interviews conducted over the past two weeks by Thompson showed an increasingly isolated President whose obsession with his place in the history books has led him to ignore the recommendations not only of career military officers, but also of many close aides. "The President is standing alone on a lot of this," says one White House aide. "He's finder fewer and fewer people who are willing to stick with him over Kosovo. He's backed himself, his administration and his country into a corner."

Two who are sticking with Clinton are National Security Advisor Sandy Berger and Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who aides say would follow Clinton anywhere. "Berger and Albright put their loyalty to Clinton above their oaths to serve the Constitution," says military analyst Sander Owen. "It's pathetic to watch."

At the Pentagon, senior officers now call the President the "draft dodger in chief," and sneer at his inability to grasp simple military tactics. "The man is an ass," says one career officer. "He has no concept of a military operation. To him, it's just a video game. What we don't know is how many body bags it will take to make this jerk face reality."

Arnold Crittendon, a retired intelligence analyst, says Clinton has become a "laughing stock" in both the military and intelligence communities. "His political motives are so blatant that they would be farcical if we weren't talking about the lives of American soldiers," Crittendon says. "There wasn't that much respect for the man to begin with. What little there was is long gone now." [...]

Former Navy Capt. Al Simonson says he knows several career military professionals who are willing to resign their commissions rather than continue to serve under Clinton. "I've been around the military for more than 30 years and I have never seen morale this low," Simonson says. "Bill Clinton has destroyed the soul of our armed forces." [...]

For the full report, check out the CAPITOL HILL BLUE Web site


2. Toxins from NATO Bombs Endangering Six Countries Besides Serbia; Use of Depleted Uranium Shells Condemned

ATHENS, Apr. 10 - Greek experts registered an increase in levels of toxic substances in the atmosphere of Greece, and said that Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Austria and Hungary all face a potential threat to human health as a result of NATO's bombing of Serbia, which includes the use of radioactive depleted uranium shells.

Prof. Christos Zerefos, a member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and director of the world center for ozone cartography, said that one day after the start NATO's attack on Yugoslavia, Greek experts discovered in the atmosphere dioxin and particles of the group of toxic agents knows as furanes, which pose a high risk for human health of the entire region.

Meanwhile, back in New York, the International Action Center, a group that opposes the use of depleted-uranium weapons, called the Pentagon's decision to use the A-10 "Warthog" jets against targets in Serbia "a danger to the people and environment of the entire Balkans".

The A-10s were the anti-tank weapon of choice in the 1991 war against Iraq. It carries a GAU-8/A Avenger 30 millimeter seven-barrel cannon capable of firing 4,200 rounds per minute. During that war it fired 30 mm rounds reinforced with depleted uranium, a radioactive weapon.

John Catalinotto, a spokesperson from the Depleted Uranium Education Project of the International Action Center, and an editor of the 1997 book "Metal of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium", said the use of DU weapons in Yugoslavia "adds a new dimension to the crime NATO is perpetrating against the Yugoslav people -including those in Kosovo".

Sara Flounders, a contributing author of "Metal of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium" and the Co-Director of the International Action Center, said the "Warthogs fired roughly 940,000 rounds of DU shells during the Gulf War. More than 600,000 pounds of radioactive waste was left in the Gulf Region after the war. And DU weapons in smaller number were already used by NATO troops during the bombing of Serbian areas of Bosnia in 1995."

In an Apr. 1 front page article headlined, "Uranium bullets on NATO holsters," the San Francisco Examiner's reporter, Kathleen Sullivan, wrote that "the use of depleted uranium in combat is a troubling prospect to some veterans groups, which worry that the Pentagon will fail - once again - to issue warnings about the danger posed by its hazardous dust and debris.

Piers Wood, a senior fellow at the Center for Defense Information and a retired Army lieutenant colonel, dismissed concerns about the health and environmental effects of depleted uranium, saying everything in life is a trade-off.

"I would risk the consequences of inhaling depleted uranium dust before I would consider facing tanks, Wood told the Examiner. Depleted uranium is wonderful stuff. It turns tanks into Swiss cheese."

However, radiation expert Rosalie Bertell said depleted uranium is highly toxic to humans. Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, called its use in Yugoslavia radiation and toxic chemical warfare that must be denounced.

Some experts also warned of the environmental hazards posed by depleted uranium, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. "In Yugoslavia, it's expected that depleted uranium will be fired in agricultural areas, places where livestock graze and where crops are grown, thereby introducing the specter of possible contamination of the food chain," said Paul Sullivan, executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center.

Last year, Iraqi doctors said they feared a disturbing rise in leukemia and stomach cancer among civilians who live near the war zone may be linked to depleted uranium contamination of Iraqi farmland.


TiM Ed.: In short, the new Adolf and his helpers are indeed worse than the original. For, the Clinton administration and its NATO allies are committing not only crimes against humanity, but against life in general, including the flora and fauna (also see an earlier TiM article about that - Day 8, Update 1, Item 2, Mar. 31).


3. Get Us Out of NATO! (By Col. Randy Givens, a "Green Beret" Vet)

LOS FRESNOS, Apr. 9 - Col. George "Randy" Givens (US SF, ret.), a "Green Beret" veteran from the Vietnam war, says the U.S. should get out of NATO. Fast. Before the body bags start coming home. Here's a message he sent to us last night, enclosing an editorial from a local paper in this southwest Texas community in the Rio Grande Valley:

"Our Secretary of State claims that at this month’s 50th anniversary NATO summit, U.S. 'leaders will unveil a revised strategic concept for the alliance.' This may be so, but I think all Americans should immediately say: 'Get us OUT of NATO.'

NATO was intended to be a DEFENSIVE organization to protect Europe and American interests from a Soviet attack - PERIOD!!! We signed treaties to that effect. Congress approved them. If Clinton and friends want to change that, then they MUST be forced to rewrite the treaties and submit them to the American people for a vote.

By then, the body bags will be coming home and all bets will be off.

An editorial on this subject is copied below for your information: "

Col. Randy Givens, Texas


4. The O'Grady Lie (By William Dorich)

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 10 - William Dorich, president of the Serbian American Voters Alliance, sent us a copy of his today's letter to Ms. Jane Pauley, of the Dateline NBC show, in which he said that, "nowhere in your coverage of the Capt. Scott O'Grady story did you disclose that the distance between Mrkonjic Grad near Banja Luka (where his parachute came down), to "20 miles southeast of Bihac" (according to his commanding officer the morning after his rescue), is a distance is 60 miles."

Why is that important? Take a look at the map at our Web site, and our story headlined, "O'Grady: An American Hero or Actor of the Year?", written on June 10, 1995.  Yes, it was three years and 10 months ago, to the day, that we also became suspicious of O'Grady's miraculous "rescue" mission. For Based on Mr. Dorich's comments (see below), we weren't alone:

"You and O'Grady have deceived the American people into believing that he had to job some 12 miles each night through the heart of hostile Serb controlled territory, saturated with hundreds of thousands of land mines. surely, Ms. Pauley you are not naive making me conclude that you are an accomplice to these lies and distortions.

I am enclosing my June 10, 1995 letter to President Clinton as there is no need to rehash this outrageous propaganda and how easily you and your spin doctors at NBC have manipulated the facts to support this cardboard hero and the 'party line' of this lying president.

I have admired your work for many years, how saddened I am that you, too, have been sucked into creating propaganda, I expected more. Goebbels would be proud."

William Dorich, Los Angeles

P.S. how compelling that the pilot of the downed Stealth is such a deep dark secret.


And now, here's are the salient excerpts from Mr. Dorich's letter to President Clinton, dated June 10, 1995:

"An American President once said: "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time." The so-called "picture perfect rescue" was right out of Universal Studios and the mind of Steven Spielberg.

Air Force Capt. Scott F. O’Grady’s parachute was sighted 25 miles south of Banja Luka, near the town of Mrkonjic Grad. During the CNN interview today with O’Grady he said he moved "about one and a half miles during the 6 days." Your government officials have reported that O’Grady was plucked from "the fogbound forest near where his F-16 was shot down six days earlier." The original broadcast of the rescue specifically claimed that he was retrieved "20 miles southeast of Bihac"—that is some 60 miles away from the parachute site. You should indeed be grateful that the Serbs had the good sense not to parade O’Grady before the CNN cameras to discredit your administration more than they already have.

O’Grady did not use his radio for nearly 6 days for a good reason—the Serbs who had captured him had the radio transmitter. To imply that we send pilots up in multi-million dollar aircraft and then provide them with batteries that only last a few days amounts to a hideous lie. Plucking O’Grady from the forest within 50 yards of his hiding place might make a good movie script, but it hardly represents the truth, confirmed to me by two separate people very high in the intelligence community of the American government who are outraged by this media stunt. These sources obviously wish to remain anonymous.

It was the State Department that supplied CNN with the information that the Serbs had not captured the downed pilot. That is where the plot thickens.

From my contacts in Banja Luka (Bosnia) who are at the upper most levels of the Bosnian Serb Army, I had the absolute assurance that the Serbs had captured O’Grady. These sources have proven trustworthy and accurate over the past 4 years.

Apparently this "story book rescue" was a deal calculated to restore the faith of American "top guns," to downgrade the danger that our pilots face in Bosnia, and to restore what is left of your credibility.

My only question is, at what price to the Serbs? If O’Grady was so thirsty that he had to rely on his socks for water, why didn’t he milk the cows, "who were so friendly that he even named them?"

Your re-election and the secret deals you have made in this O’Grady rescue could impact your new bid for the White House. Stop trying to fool all of the people, all of the time. Serbs have rights, too!"

William Dorich, president, Serbian American Voters Alliance

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