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April 9, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-35, Day 17, Update 2

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Apr. 9, 1999; 11:30PM EDT - DAY 17, UPDATE 2


Moscow                       1. Russian Threat Sends NATO "Supermen" Scurrying for Cover;

                                        Russia, Byelorussia and Serbia to Form a Union?

Skopje                         2. Macedonian Prime Minister Calls NATO "Completely Irresponsible"

Tirana                          3. Here We Go Again... Kosovo: Bosnia II - Tons of  Western Aid

                                         Disappear in Albania

Belgrade                      4. Auschwitz Survivor Now Fears NATO (A New York Times story)


1. Russian Threat Sends NATO "Supermen" Scurrying for Cover; Russia, Byelorussia and Serbia to Form a Union?

MOSCOW, Apr. 9 - What a day this was in European capitals. Two news stories, both emanating from Moscow, quickly shattered the arrogant tranquility of the NATO "Übermenschen" ("supermen"), and had them quaking in their boots and scurrying for cover like rabbits.

First, the Russian Duma (parliament) Speaker, Gennady Seleznyov, back in Moscow after a trip to Belgrade, relayed to Boris Yeltsin Yugoslavia's request to join the recently announced Byelorussia-Russia union. Yeltsin immediately contacted by phone Belorussia's president, Alexander Lukashenko, who said he was all for it.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, later said that Moscow would "study" Yugoslavia's request to join the Belarus-Russia union. Ivanov's comments to reporters "fell well short of the endorsement Seleznyov said Yeltsin had given to the request," Reuters noted it its today's dispatch.

But a real bombshell news story was that Russia may be re-aiming its nukes to target the NATO countries. It was that news, which broke just after noon GMT, and which later proved to be an exaggeration, that had Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Erhardt Schroeder and other NATO leaders quaking in their boots. For a while...

After the Kremlin meeting, Seleznyov told the Interfax news agency, and then others, that Yeltsin said he had ordered nuclear missiles aimed at NATO countries. As markets moved on his comments, NATO capitals sought urgent clarification.

The nukes story was given additional credence by an earlier stern warning to NATO by the Russian president..

"I told NATO, the Americans, the Germans, don't push us towards military action. Otherwise there will be a European war for sure and possibly world war," Yeltsin said in televised comments reported by Reuters. Earlier on Friday, he said Russia would not leave a NATO ground operation in Yugoslavia unanswered.

"Russia won't get involved in the (Yugoslav) conflict unless we are pushed to do it by the Americans," Yeltsin said. "And we, of course, can't give up Yugoslavia if the U.S. sends ground forces to 'capture' the country," the Bloomberg newswire reported today.


TiM Ed.: Now, let us pause for a moment, and try to blow some smoke away from all this rhetoric and posturing. Two things are evident:

1. "Can't give up Yugoslavia if...," is Russia's as clear as a bell declaration that this country, now under NATO's attack, is considered a country of vital national interests for Russia.

2. And if NATO does use ground forces against Yugoslavia, it will provoke a military reaction by Russia, still the world's biggest nuclear power.

By the way, by stating that, Yeltsin wasn't bluffing. He was merely echoing opinions of ALL MAJOR Russian political party leaders, including Gen. Aleksandr Lebed, the former presidential candidate, now governor of the Krasnoyarsk district.

In an Apr. 5 interview with the Hamburg-based German magazine, "Der Spiegel" ("The Mirror"), Lebed said that, "first, NATO's actions must be called an aggression without any ifs or buts. Second, quite as clearly, Yugoslavia must be declared an area of Russian interests. And, third, the scope of our military aid to Yugoslavia must be set down."

Meanwhile, Yeltsin, the western stooge who has played the nationalist card whenever it suited him for domestic consumption, such as right now, may end up being consumed by the flames of war himself unless he made good on his threats against NATO. The Russian president faces a possible impeachment vote next week in the Duma, a chamber dominated by Communists and nationalists who dislike NATO as much as Yeltsin, Reuters reported today.

Just as in western Europe (see our report on Brussels arrests - Day 12, Update 2, Items 2-3), and in Serbia, the Russian political left and right have united in a fierce nationalist stand against the fascist NATO.

So one thing is crystal clear: If NATO proceeds with its planned invasion of Yugoslavia, and all indications are that the madmen in Washington, London and Brussels are planning to do just that, the WORLD WILL BE ON THE BRINK OF WORLD WAR III.

It is no consolation at all to us, at TiM, to realize that we had warned of such a possibility BEFORE any bombs had actually hit Serbia. We said that on March 24, 1999 - the day which will go down in history as the New Day of Infamy (see the TiM Statement at our Web site). Let us hope that there are still some sane U.S. military leaders left who are prepared to do the right thing to prevent the nuclear holocaust from engulfing our country, and much of the world.


2. Macedonian Prime Minister Calls NATO "Completely Irresponsible"

SKOPJE, Apr. 7 -Macedonia's prime minister, Ljubco Georgievski, called NATO "completely irresponsible" for ignoring warnings that air strikes on Yugoslavia could trigger a humanitarian disaster. Anti-NATO resentment has been growing among Macedonian nationalists who are angry over both the air strikes against fellow Orthodox Serbs and the inflow of refugees, who are mainly Muslim, the Associated Press reported on Apr. 7. cnn-wag.jpg (44601 bytes)

Macedonia, flooded with more than 130,000 refugees since the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia began, has said it can take in only about 20,000 of the arrivals, and wants the rest quickly shipped off to third countries. The former Yugoslav republic of 2.2 million people fears the flood of refugees will destabilize its ethnic balance and lead to calls for Albanian autonomy.


TiM Ed.: "Completely irresponsible" actually means "totally responsible" for the consequences of NATO's air strikes. Including those against the "Wag the Dog" calico cats...


3. Here We Go Again... Kosovo: Bosnia II - Tons of  Western Aid Disappear in Albania

TIRANA, Apr. 7 - Here we go again... Just as hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared amid graft and corruption charges when the western aid went to the Bosnian Muslims, following the end of that war (search our Web site for related stories), "tons of humanitarian aid, which western countries had sent for the Kosovo refugees, are disappearing in Albania without a trace, often becoming a booty of local criminal groups," representatives from Italian charity organizations said in Rome on Wednesday after visiting the region.

Blankets, tinned food and bottles with drinking water, which have failed to reach their destination, could have made up a modern "Tower of Babel" monument to criminal negligence and mismanagement, they told the Itar-Tass news agency reporter in Rome.

Some batches of humanitarian aid disappear without a trace, they say. Last weekend, for example, 12,000 mattresses and 18,000 tons of street clothes from Austria, "went missing." Then, almost 300 boxes with medicines also disappeared without a trace.

On the whole, the efficiency of humanitarian shipments for Kosovo Albanians are estimated by representatives of charity organizations as about 30 percent. Many cargoes, designed for a free distribution among the refugees, end up in the hands of criminal groups, which sell them to buy arms.


TiM Ed.: In other words, the "Albanian Mafia" took its cut on the way in - the arming of the KLA terrorists. And now they are also taking it on the way out - from the "humanitarian shipments"


4. Auschwitz Survivor Now Fears NATO (A New York Times story)

BELGRADE, Apr. 9 - "Aca Singer, who lost 65 members of his family in the Holocaust, says he didn't survive Auschwitz to die from an American bomb," the New York Times correspondent, Steven Erlanger, reported in his dispatch from Belgrade today. Here's an excerpt from his story:

"When the Americans bombed the death camps at the end of World War II, I was very happy," he said, sitting in the library of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia, which he heads. "Then I thought, 'Kill me if necessary, but kill the Nazis.' And a lot of Jews died at the end from U.S. bombers, and we were not unhappy to see the bombs."

But today, he said, as NATO bombs and missiles smash civilian and official buildings in downtown Belgrade, "we do not have this feeling -- quite the reverse."

The Americans say President Slobodan Milosevic "is using disproportionate force to repress the Kosovo Liberation Army, and that is true," he said. "But now the Americans are being disproportionate in their actions, in this criminal use of force, which is indiscriminate. And this kind of abuse of power will come back to the United States like a boomerang. They are killing political pluralism here, and thus doing a great favor to this regime."

Singer, now 76, with a full head of white hair, says he had to move from his comfortable apartment on Sarajevo Street, just behind the bombed-out Interior Ministry, because he knew it would be a NATO target.

"I'm pretty angry because I've been moved to a little room and sleep in a cot with my wife," he said genially. "But if I didn't get killed in Auschwitz, I don't want to provide this pleasure to anyone else."

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