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April 6, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-31, Day 14, Update 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 6, 1999; 11:00PM EDT - DAY 14, UPDATE 2


Aleksinac                      1. AP: "Yugoslav Town Bathed in Blood"

Washington                    2. How Sweet War Is: Bombing to Cost $2-$4 Billion?

New York                       3. "Dear Mr. President..." (A reader's letter)

Dublin                             4. "Yankee, Limey, Canuck - Go Home!" (Re. a letter from Ireland)

Moscow                          5. Ivanov: 100,000 NATO Ground Troops for Kosovo

Phoenix                          6. AOL Warmongering, Censoring Opinions for Big Brother;

                                          C-SPAN Cans Serb TV Broadcasts?


1. AP: "A Yugoslav Town Bathed in Blood"

ALEKSINAC, Apr. 6 - "Pools of blood, two corpses and parts of dismealeksmap.jpg (37805 bytes)mbered bodies lay in the wreckage of a large apartment building today in this central Serbian town after an overnight air strike," the Associated Press reported today from a scene of carnage in this small mining community of 17,000, some 100 miles southeast of Belgrade (see the map).

Yugoslav authorities said five people were killed and at least 30 injured when NATO missiles hit a residential neighborhood Monday night. Journalists permitted by authorities to visit the area today saw a destroyed apartment building. Some bricks, wooden boards and roof tiles were tossed more than 500 feet from the site. Three two-story homes were also flattened.

In the town's center, shop windows were smashed. Closer to the blast site, several nearby apartments caught fire. A young physician, Dr. Bratislav Miladinovic, stood at the entrance of a hospital, dazed and in shock. He was on duty at the time of the strike. He said his sister and father were killed and his wife and child injured.

aleksin.jpg (60382 bytes)About 30 people were taken to the hospital, some with head injuries. An entire street was wiped out,'' a local doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, told journalists (see the photo).

Even before this Aleksinac tragedy, the NATO bombing had killed over 300 civilians, and wounded over 3,000 others, the Yugoslav ambassador to Russia said today in Moscow, according to a Bloomberg newswire report.

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2. How Sweet War Is: Bombing to Cost $2-$4 Billion?

WASHINGTON, Apr 6 - Estimates by the non-partisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments suggest that if the air strikes proceed for even a few weeks longer, the price tag could quickly grow to between $2 billion and $4 billion, particularly as the Clinton administration expands the scope of the mission, the Los Angeles Times reported today from Washington.

The cost to the United States of the two-week-old air campaign against Yugoslavia may already have topped $500 million and, if the mission continues to escalate, that figure is likely to skyrocket, threatening budgetary and political explosions on Capitol Hill.

Moreover, the preliminary cost estimates do not include either the massive humanitarian aid program that the U.S. and its allies are beginning or the expense of providing peacekeeping troops and a military escort for refugees returning to the disputed Kosovo region if a peace accord is signed.

President Clinton promised Monday that the campaign will be "undiminished, unceasing and unrelenting" - and warned that it might not end quickly. "We are prepared to sustain this effort for the long haul," Clinton said. "Our plan is to persist until we prevail."


TiM Ed.: Or perish? Either way, one man's loss is another man's gain. While people are dying and taxpayers are reeling, the skyrocketing costs of Clinton's war on Serbia must be sweet music to the ears of American "death merchants," oil, food, pharmaceutical, transportation and other war profiteers among the U.S. multinationals. No wonder some of them helped plan, finance and start this war (see Day 10, Update 2, Items 2-4).


3. "Dear Mr. President..." (A reader's letter)

NEW YORK, Apr. 6 - We received the following letter from a reader in New York. The letter needs no introduction, nor elaboration:

"Dear Mr. President:

I have heard you say that Milosevic created a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo.

I have two sons that fight continuously. At any given time, it is clear that one or the other is at fault. I tried to employ peaceful means (lectures on historical precedent, and the negative effects of in fighting on family life and the neighborhood) - to no avail. Thank you for enlightening me.

Yesterday I grabbed the older one (who seemed to me to be the bad guy this time, I call him junior Hitler) and beat the hell out of him. He ran into his room and locked himself up. But I broke the door, and after kicking him unconscious, I took a hammer and demolished his room. As collateral damage, the wall of the younger son's room collapsed. Now they are both out in the cold, with no books or toys to keep them occupied, but I am proud that I stood up on principle, and preserved the peace, for my family and the neighborhood.

Would it be too much to ask if they could be temporarily housed at a military base, till my wife and I rebuild their rooms. I have also appealed to the American people's compassion for donations. God bless you, Sir!"


I.M. Noserb


4. "Yankee, Limey, Canuck - Go Home!" (Re. a letter from Ireland)

DUBLIN, Apr. 6 - We received today from Dublin, Ireland, an invitation to sign a protest letter which some well meaning organizations within NATO countries are planning to send on the occasion of NATO's 50th anniversary. The letter was well written and worthy of support. This is how we replied:


TiM Ed.: This is how we replied:

"Thank you for sending us your draft. As an American, I am also appalled by the Hitleresque actions of our un-American government. From the letters TiM receives from Britain and Canada, I know that many British and Canadian citizens feel the same way. So how about the following title to your letter?


Europe for Europeans"


It has become painfully obvious that NATO, once a defensive organization, has become a killing machine. So that NATO may live, Europeans are dying, crying and paying through the nose, thanks to their NWO quisling governments. Nor is any respite in sight (see the next story).


5. Ivanov: 100,000 NATO Ground Troops for Kosovo

MOSCOW, Apr. 6 - Igor Ivanov, Russia's foreign minister, said today that NATO is planning to send 100,000 ground troops to Kosovo in the next 15 days (mostly European), according to Agence France Presse (AFP). The goal of the operation would be to separate Kosovo from the rest of Serbia and set up a provisional government, AFP said, citing the deputy chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, Yuri Boluyevsky.

So far, the "lie and deny" Clinton administration has been denying that the ground troops would be used in Kosovo. At the same time, however, speaking quite comfortably out of both sides of its mouth, Washington said it was planning to send to Macedonia up to 24 Apache helicopters along with 2,000 to 2,700 American troops as "air support."

Now let's see... if the first statement is true (no ground troops), then the only logical plan which follows from the above statement seems to be for Apache helicopters to be grounded, and for the ground troops to take their place in the air. Par for the course, we suppose, for a Draftdodger Commander in Chief.

If the situation weren't so tragic, it would be downright comical.

Yet, based on the reports we've been getting from TiM readers across the country about the American troops being deployed, or getting ready for action, it sure sounds like a lot more than just a few thousand troops. Yet, the Clinton administration continues to hide its real intentions and already mounting casualties, while playing with American lives as they were poker chips.


6. AOL Warmongering, Censoring Opinions for Big Brother; C-SPAN Cans Serb TV Broadcasts?

PHOENIX, Apr. 6 - Once again, George Orwell would have a blast. What was once a free and thriving exchange opinions on the Internet has now become a warmongering NWO establishment-style censorship which would make the Big Brother proud.

AOL has opened up a "Support Board" for NATO's attack on Serbia. God forbid should some of its subscribers dare disagree. No Sirree... Gotta all fall into line when the Prez says so, draftdodger, or not.

To ensure that only positive comments flowed down its electronic superhighway to the Big Brother's switchboard, AOL has hired 30 thought policemen ("monitors," is what AOL calls them) to delete posts which are critical of Clinton's handling of the Kosovo crisis.

And you thought only CNN and the other TV networks were bad?

Speaking of TV networks, a TiM reader from California wrote to us today in reaction to our story about the bodies of American soldiers being shipped home (see Day 13, Update 2, Item 1), which Belgrade TV broadcast last night.

"C-SPAN (a public network - for the benefit of TiM readers outside the U.S.) has abruptly ended its daily re-broadcasting of the Serbian TV news," this reader wrote. "Please call C-SPAN or on-line at: about getting the Serbian news broadcasts back on the air."


TiM Ed.: How much lower can the U.S. Big Brother media sink? American viewers now clamoring for Serb TV news to find out the "rest of the story" being withheld from the American public?! O tempora, or mores...

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