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April 4, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-27, Day 12, Update 2

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 4, 1999; 2:30PM EST - DAY 12, UPDATE 2


Novi Sad                     1. Bridge of Freedom No More! (An Eyewitness Report)

Brussels                       2. NATO Is Waging War Against Europe

Brussels                       3. Big Brother Rules, For Now...

Washington                 4. Libertarian Party: "Military Fiasco in Yugoslavia" Is "Vietnam 101"

Washington                 5. NATO: A Suicide at Age 50? (by George Will)

Washington                 6. Kissinger: "Dr. Strangelove" - Reincarnated or Role Model?


1. Bridge of Freedom No More! (An Eyewitness Report)

NOVI SAD, Apr. 4 - We reported yesterday that two more bridges over the Danube near Novi Sad had been hit by NATO (see Day 11, Update 1, Item 1). We told you that, at the time of the attack, there were some vehicles on the bridge.

Today, we bring you, in translation from Serbian, an eyewitness account from Novi Sad about the destruction of the Freedom Bridge, which used to be a part of the Belgrade-Novi Sad-Budapest interstate highway:

"Last night around 19:50 (8:50PM), the second bridge over the Danube was also destroyed, the so-called Kamenica (name of a town) bridge, or Bridge of Freedom.

I watched from my balcony it was hit. It was dark, so one could not see the details. But one could see a huge fiery ball followed by an explosion. One (NATO) plane was shot down near Kamenica.

I went to the bridge this morning; that it to its remains. One passenger automobile was hanging from the ruins. A bicycle was visible in shallow waters. At the time of the attack, normal traffic was crossing the bridge, as no one expected an attack at that time.

That Clinton is really an imbecile. Does he even have an IQ of 25?"


TiM Ed.: We are afraid that Clinton's IQ may be quite high. But his morals are lower than that of an alley cat.

new-feat.gif (128 bytes) A photo of the Freedom Bridge:

new-feat.gif (128 bytes) Demonstrations in downtown Novi Sad - 1:

new-feat.gif (128 bytes) Demonstrations in downtown Novi Sad - 2:


2. NATO Is Waging War Against Europe

BRUSSELS, Apr. 2 - Even before the Novi Sad's Freedom Bridge was knocked out yesterday, but after the old Petrovaradin bridge was destroyed on Apr. 1, a group of concerned Belgian citizens issued a protest against, what they saw was, NATO's war on Europe. Here's an excerpt from their statement, dated Apr. 2:

"We protest against the bombing of the Novi Sad/Peterwardein bridge over the Danube river, choking the river traffic between Rotterdam and the Black Sea. This strike will prevent for a long time the free circulation of goods between all European countries, and should be considered a deliberate act of war, not only against Serbia, but against all people in Europe.

The inland waterway, that the Danube is, is of vital importance for Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The United States has deliberately destroyed this important and symbolic bridge in Serbia in order to prevent the European and Black Sea community of people and States to use and develop this traffic highway, who could confer new dynamics to European inland trade, but also facilitate the transport of goods between Ukraine, Caucasian countries and Continental Europe. [Tim Ed.: The Danube is Europe's longest waterway].

This destruction is unacceptable and should be radically avenged."

Dr. Alessandra COLLA, Marco BATTARRA, Laurent SCHANG, Marc LÜDDERS and Robert STEUCKERS


TiM Ed.: And now, as we know, not only did NATO destroy the "symbolic" old bridge, but also two new ones, essentially closing down the Danube as Europe's commercial waterway (for more on geopolitical reasons why this perfidious war against Europe was predictable, with complicity of Europe's supranational governments, please check out this writer's column in the CHRONICLES magazine, "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing," written last summer - available at our Web site).

Today's (Apr. 4) edition of the Boston Globe seconds the assessment that NATO is waging war on Europe. The article titled, "Growing numbers in Europe believe enemy is America," says that, "a new menace is stalking Europe, threatening to plunge the entire continent into a devastating war. Its leaders espouse the geopolitical ideas of Nazism and the tactics of Hitler. And for damning proof of its existence, all one need do is look at what is happening in Yugoslavia."

"What is the name of this evil?" the Globe's Moscow correspondent asks. "If you guessed ''ethnic cleansing,'' guess again. Try ''America'."


3. Big Brother Rules, For Now...

BRUSSELS, Apr. 4 - And you think we have it bad here in the U.S.? A TiM corrnato.gif (76381 bytes)espondent from Brussels has just told us that 140 people were arrested yesterday in Brussels for protesting against NATO's attack on Serbia, in a country whose constitution guarantees freedom of speech peaceful assembly.

Nevertheless, our correspondent adds, "some friends have left their families (on Easter Sunday) to demonstrate in front of NATO-HQ this afternoon (Apr. 4) in Brussels, despite the fact that every demonstration is forbidden."


TiM. Ed.: And that's "free Europe?" Sounds more like the NWO Iron Curtain-type censorship, as we said in last month's editorial ("New Iron Curtain Over Europe," available at our Web site).


LATEST UPDATE FROM BRUSSELS, Apr. 4, 8PM (L), 2PM EST - We've just received word from our correspondent in Brussels that 30 more people were arrested during today's protests for voicing their support for Serbia.

"The big problem lies beyond the fact that the demonstrators were members of extremist parties or movements," our correspondent writes. "The real problem for the near future is that citizens or taxpayers cannot express freely their meaning anymore. The Article 14 of the Belgian Constitution allowing the free expression of opinion and the right to demonstrate peacefully and without weapons, has been discretely cancelled.

This was especially evident when we could hear on Belgian TV the testimony of an old teacher of the Catholic University of Louvain, who supported the demonstration of the 'Anti-Imperialist League' (yesterday). This quiet man, who cannot be described as an extremist, was beaten by the police, who didn't respect the dignity of a University teacher at all."


4. Libertarian Party: "Military Fiasco in Yugoslavia" Is "Vietnam 101"

WASHINGTON, Apr. 4 - The Libertarian Party has again voiced its opposition to Clinton's bombing of Serbia, joining a chorus of protests the U.S. government's prosecution of an undeclared war against a sovereign country. Here's an excerpt from a statement issues today:

"The U.S. attack on Yugoslavia is a textbook example of the folly of foreign intervention: So far, the American air assault has accomplished the exact opposite of what supporters promised, the Libertarian Party noted today.

'It's Vietnam 101,' said David Bergland, the party's national chairman. 'Up to this point, our bombardment has accelerated attacks on innocent civilians, caused the conflict to spill over to neighboring nations, and inflamed anti-American sentiments around the world. Instead of bombing our way to peace, we're apparently bombing our way into a regional war that could last for months or years.'

After six days of pounding Yugoslavia with air strikes and missiles, Pentagon officials admit the situation is deteriorating. Yugoslavian forces have stepped up their attacks on ethnic Albanian civilians in Kosovo, tens of thousands of refugees are pouring into neighboring countries, and NATO officials have starting hinting that ground troops may be required to stop the fighting.

"Our policy in Yugoslavia is not working, but that's no surprise," Bergland said. "Like almost every policy pronouncement from our nation's Liar-In-Chief, Bill Clinton's explanations for attacking Yugoslavia ranged from slippery to confused to blatantly wrong."


5. NATO: A Suicide at Age 50? (by George Will)

WASHINGTON, Apr. 4 - Writing in his regular column for liberal establishment daily, the Washington Post, the nationally syndicated columnist, George Will, roared that, "the first 10 days of the conflict were 10 days that shook the world. On the eve of this month's celebration of NATO's 50th anniversary, the most successful alliance in world history may have died by suicide."

"NATO, ostensibly a military alliance, involves 19 nations, with 780 million people, well over half of the world's economic product and most of the sophisticated weaponry, Will said. "Obviously it has the means to subdue threadbare and isolated Serbia. NATO lacks only the will to do so. NATO is choosing to lose a war."

"The surrealism is complete: two simultaneous, parallel wars, one waged unsuccessfully by a military colossus, the other waged successfully by a military midget."

To be sure, Will is not railing against NATO because he is sympathetic to the Serbs. Nor because NATO attacked a sovereign country against all norms of civilized behavior. Will is not mad because NATO fought the war; he is mad because NATO fought and is losing the war. At least measured relative to its objectives when it started bombing Serbia on March 24. Take a look at how Will closes out his column:

"The killing on the ground vastly accelerated when NATO began its operations with the perverse announcement that it would never occupy any of Serbia's ground without Serbia's permission. By now, reports of NATO's opaque decision-making call to mind President Lyndon Johnson, late at night in the White House basement, pouring over maps, authorizing the bombing of this target in North Vietnam, but refusing permission for the bombing of that one."

What Will seems to be lamenting is that Clinton doesn't have the will to incinerate all of Serbia! And people like that dare speak about "humanitarian" issues?


6. Kissinger: "Dr. Strangelove" - Reincarnated or Role Model?

WASHINGTON, Apr. 2 - On Friday evening, the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger spoke on PBS' Lehrer News Hour, along with former National Security Advisers, Brent Scowcroft, and Zbigniew Brzezinski - all ardent Serbophobes from way back. The subject was, of course, the war in Serbia. Here's an excerpt from Kissinger's remarks:

"I am no technical military expert, but certainly the first phase of the campaign was, in my view, too hesitant and more concerned with avoiding casualties than with achieving results. So - and fundamentally, I think I think this -- I don't want to have my position misunderstood. I have grave doubts about the diplomacy that got us into this. But now that we are there, I go along with intensifying the war. And we have to remember, Serbia is only about 10 million people."

Only 10 million people (to be killed)? This statement makes Hitler an amateur by comparison.

Nor is Kissinger an isolated example of a bloodthirsty warmonger. Asked by Larry King of CNN the night NATO bombed downtown Belgrade for the first time (Apr. 3), the former White House chief of staff, David Gergen, replied exuberantly: "Terrific!"

Back on Lehrer News Hour, Kissinger went on to describe that there is only one possible end game in the Kosovo crisis: "Victory!"

Isn't that what Hitler also promised the German people?

A TiM reader, commenting about the above Kissinger interview, said that in 1958, Kissinger authored a book on nuclear policy, in which there is a chapter devoted to "limited nuclear war." Kissinger lauded the efficiency and ethics of such a war without total destruction, or "all out exchanges."

This "masterpiece" shot Kissinger into the high esteem of CFR/TLC (and Bilderbergers), our correspondent says, and included everything wonderful about nuclear war, stopping short of recommending the doomsday device.

"Did Stanley Kubrick used Dr. Kissinger's book for the Dr. Strangelove story?" this TiM reader wondered. "We'll never know; Kubrick died a few weeks ago. After all, politics, war, death, reengineering of nations and economics go hand in hand like koi fish in the zen pond."

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