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TiM GW Bulletin 2002/9-3

Sep 17, 2002

September 2002

TiM Readers' Forum

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Some reactions to… Sappy 911 Soap Opera: Crass Is As Crass Does

CANADA - U.S. Only Grieves for Its Own People

TUCSON, Sep 17 - Brainwashed by the lamestream media, most Americans are evidently still unaware about who is yanking their chain.  But not so our friends in other countries.  Here’s a comment, for example,  from a TiM reader in Canada who wrote in reaction to our "Sappy 911 Soap Opera" editorial:


Just wanted to comment on your webpage which was forwarded to me by a relative. It is unfortunate that your insight and wisdom isn't passed onto other Americans. All I see are flags and little regard for the thousands dying of hunger or of the innocent fatalities in countries such as Iraq, Somalia and the former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, the US only grieves for its own people, avoiding to expose their own greed and selfless acts.

Great website!

Ron Faler, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Some reactions to… Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs

ITALY - Will They Arrest You? 

TUCSON, Sep 17 - Here’s a comment we received on June 12 from a TiM reader in Italy:

Well, seems almost like the government supported the 911 tragedy - passively and/or even actively?

I wonder if the "brown-shirts" of the BA did even plan or co-plan the whole plot? Isn't this the very best of all possibilities for the consolidation of absolute power?

We wondered over here then, if the Nazis did set fire to the Reichstag themselves (and still wonder about it) in order to establish their antisocial laws and treat people at a mass-level like sheep and sh.t? However, if surfers are already arrested in the US, I wonder when they will arrest you? (No offense, just wondering...).

Keep the truth, dear Bob.  Sincerely,

Dr. Alexis Menander, Italy

To which the TiM editor replied:

Thanks for your feedback. As to your question, "I wonder when they will arrest you?," my answer is I don't know. I am not losing any sleep over it. I have a deep faith in God who is guiding me to do what is right and to follow his promise, "the truth shall set you free." 

If they do arrest me, at least a few million people will now know why, and will be the wiser for the Evil that is creeping into our country, thanks to my anti-NWO work in  the last 10 years or so. And maybe some will follow, too, in my footsteps to serve the cause of truth and liberty... like that government "insider" who risked far more than I to have written to me the way he did.  Thanks for your concern.

Bob Dj.


IRELAND - We Must Speak Out 

TUCSON, Sep 17 - Here’s a comment we received on June 12 from a TiM reader in Ireland:

Bob, the next thing the lawyer herself could disappear! Aren't we both familiar with that kind of events? Haven't we seen it before elsewhere?

The thing is that nobody listens. Because it's easier not to think. One day, they will regret that they didn't - but it might be too late.

When I speak out about this, I get reactions like from my Dutch ex-colleague "Why are you defending terrorism?" (????). I guess, he is afraid to lose his job, because he works for US company. But this week, it was reported that America is going to approve new law that would allow it to invade the Netherlands, with military forces in order to "liberate" any US military who would be brought into International Court accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity. And we are speaking about NATO allies in this case!

What next? Well, that is what will happen to those who think that by serving the fascism of the XXI century they will be spared!  Busheetes claim that the international Court "will undermine American military might". 

Does it mean that it is based on war crimes and crimes against humanity? Well, what else can it mean? Bush is going to declare for the whole world what is right and what is wrong - no, I am not joking, look at that speech he made for the military cadets lately!

Who the hell does he think he is? God? 

I know that they read all the e-mails now. But if we won't say anything, it will be much worse for the entire human race.

Irina Malenko, Ireland

To which the TiM editor replied:

I agree, we must speak out while we still can. That's why I am publishing articles such as this one. 

Bob Dj.



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